Sunday, November 1, 2009

Facebook Fever: Are you addicted to Facebook?

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I started using FB for the sake of keeping up my friends. It seems to be all the rage these days. And then my boyfriend asked JUST ONCE to try Farmville in order to add him as a neighbor to expand his lot. The trying-so-hard-to-be-good girlfriend that I am, I gave in to his request. Unfortunately for me, I easily get addicted to semi-simulation games especially ones available only online. Farmville grew like a contagious cold on me. I started planting a patch of strawberries and begun following each of its harvest. After two days, I had started calculating the exact minutes before harvest through percentages and approximated how long it would take before the plant whithers. A couple more days have passed and I begun computing points for leveling up and "strategic planting" I need to accomplish to advance fast.

It seriously got out of hand. It was no longer some simple game of harvesting, plowing and replanting. I made mental computations of the experience I would gain for each seed type I plant as well as each additional paraphernalia I build. I even made it a rule to myself to gain 2 levels per day.

A couple of hours ago, my sister told me that we were leaving to visit the relatives of my brother-in-law. It felt like I was in big trouble. I had to do something because my blueberries would have been fully grown by the time we arrived there. I even messaged my boyfriend to open my account just so he can harvest them. But since it is All Saints Day today, almost all cafes were closed.

To cut things short, I did the most embarrassing, rudest thing I would ever do whenever visiting another house. I killed my shame and asked to use their computer to open my Farmville, which made me realize that this has to stop. So I'm finally taking a rest from my obsession...
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