Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Pasay, Manila

My sister brought us to the DFA to have her children's passports renewed. It's no surprised that the Department of Foreign Affairs located in  2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines is much more organized than the one in smaller cities. 

Department of Foreign Affairs located in Pasay City, Philippines
Before you can process your passport,  you have to have an appointment- unless you or your spouse is a government employee. Minors or children of government employees who are below the age of 18 are also allowed to apply without an appointment.

The Department of Foreign Affairs Passport Processing Area 2 is located in the 2nd floor.
Before entering the Passport Processing Area, it's always best to drop by the receptionist to receive further instructions. 
Fortunately, during the time we went to get their passports processed, there weren't a lot of people which made everything a lot quicker to finish.

Inside the Department of Foreign Affair's Passport Processing Area 2
The bad news was that my sister was still required to have a photocopy of her passport before we could submit the children's passports for processing. I and the kids waited for an hour before she came back with a printed copy of her passport. Good thing the printer at home also had a scanner.
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