Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Nene Effect (Sister Effect)

There are different kinds of unexplainable phenomena in this world of ours. Some are more scientific than others such as the domino effect, the tyndall effect, and the butterfly effect. All of these affecting us in some minute way or another.

Little did I know, that I shall be affected too in such an extraordinarily enormous way. It changed my life's perspective in every aspect possible. It made me more responsible and more independent than I used to be. Now, I'm no longer just some intelligent person trying to make a statement of my individuality. I am now able to take care of myself and my loved ones without asking anything in return. I have become a disciple and avid follower of the.... NENE EFFECT!

The Nene effect takes place when you live with a NENE. A nene is a normal person who has a strong sense of balance and direction in both his or her daily routines and overall life outlook. This person is usually the characterized as the middle one: a middle brother or a middle sister. They are the ones who take care of both the proud eldest or elders and the spoiled youngest or siblings. They are wise and understanding. Each imparting thought they give should be treasured as it contains the secrets of happy life.

But take heed to this warning, do not mess with the NENE. Their words are piercing daggers that when blurted will immediately send you guilt ridden for a long time...

If you feel you have something missing in your life, most likely you lack the NENE EFFECT. Go now, and find a Nene for yourself.

Note: Nene is one of the nicknames given to a sister in a typical Filipino family- like Toto, Inday, Tata, Nining and the likes.
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