Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kurikinton Fox, I Like

This morning I woke up in a really bad mood. And I did scream, rant in my room and throw away some stuff that we're all a clutter because someone made my morning bad. To lessen my destructive forces from lashing out all over the house, I took a broom and a dustpan and swept my entire floor which hasn't been cleaned for ages. But even with that cleaning, I was still angry.

When I am angry, one thing that'd make me calm down is music. Not the smooth sailing ones, the hiphop-ish or even the all-cussing ones, just loud music. So what I did was click on the the playlist I have stored in my computer of Guitar Hero 3 songs like Through the Fire and Flames, Paint It Black, Prayer of the Refugee,Radio song, Black Sunshine, etc.

While listening to the songs I normally play every time I need to be distracted, I remembered how I loved listening to Kurikinton Fox's God Knows. So if you're a fan of Haruhi Suzumiya's God Knows, you should definitely listen to this.

He's an awesome guitar player, and if you like listening to guitar covers, you'll definitely be a fan of this guy. He usually plays game background & anime music. If it's fast and from a game console or from an anime, expect him to have played it.

Even his album Foxy Code, sounded more like BGMs from games like Megaman. I bet his playing was highly influenced by such.

With all his skills, you'd think he'd show his face to the world. But what's funny and more intriguing about this guy is he prefers keeping himself behind a fox mask.

Here's the most famous description you'd usually read about him:

Kurikinton Fox is a Japanese guitar player known for always performing in a mask, this mask is handmade and one of a kind, but they're easy to make. Often his performances are composed of multiple guitars, all of which are played by himself in a time-shifted multi-track recording. (I omitted the part regarding the website.)

In closing, I'd like to share this link for those die hard anime/ guitar player fans who love to listen to Kurikinton Fox's playing.

God Knows
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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Feeling Down Syndrome

Today, I woke up feeling sad and not able to cheer myself up even with the gloomy cool weather outside my window. And for those who instantly concluded, "Well, it's probably because of the gloomy atmosphere", I love gloomy weathers. They make me feel happy. I love the rain as well as the darkness it spreads to envelope a place.

It's not because of the message from of one of those all time classics "Singin' in the Rain" (as supposed to being mashed-up with Umbrella in Glee)...

video owned by GleeOnFox

but because, when it rains, the world feels alone. And that's how I normally feel everyday. Yes, there are people who concern themselves with my welfare. And I have loved ones who genuinely love me. Unfortunately, no matter how much I think of those people who care for me, there are just these days... that I feel....


Even Spongebob has one of those days.

It used to be that doing certain activities that I love like playing video games, watching marathons or even just plainly suppressing it helps. Eating ice cream, pizza (with lots of cheese), pasta, and chocolates also does the job.

I had plans in posting a high-definition image of a devoured McDonald's meal but that'd be fastfood racism, LOL.

But we know that's a bad habit and both fortunately and unfortunately for me, binging no longer works...

Never came to a point that I got to look like this.(

Anyway, posting this blog, actually made me feel better. Talking about your feelings, even when nobody's listening or reading, is free. You don't have to pay a psychiatrist and for me I just get my wanted results. For those who have read this article, I do hope I have temporarily entertained you. For those who do not understand the feeling, I hope I have shone some light on it. Lastly, for those people saying that life is a series of simple actions and decisions, and that depression can be controlled easily if you have strong will...keep that to yourself (a kinder way of saying that you can shove it up your ass).
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