Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conan the Barbarian Movie

It's a good thing I don't follow online reviews all the time because they were wrong about Conan. Although they were right about Jason Momoa's acting which had been exceptionally barbaric (and I say that as a compliment), the movie wasn't as awful as they'd say it would be. It may have lacked the adventure expected of it, but seriously... don't you think the term barbaric should attribute to most of the scenes in this story. The point is, Lionsgate had already implicated that it was going to be all about vengeance and defeating a villain who was obsessed with power. The one liners and not so deep conversations should have already made that clear.

It's funny that even though most of the time, my eyes widened or squinted when there was blood or gore which makes up 60% of the entire movie, I still enjoyed it. Those critics talk too much about how it was as hollow and without much of a storyline. Come on people, it's Lionsgate. What did you expect? Something close to Rise of the Planets of the Apes?

As for Jason Momoa, who I've always wanted to see portraying someone other than the Dothraki king Khal Drogo, his role here made him look less serious and more playful. He was more of a boy wielding a sword skillfully than the barbaric powerful slasher and basher (which the movie did not lack, as well). And I give him credit for wielding dual swords which I had not seen Arnold do. I suppose, had it not been for Jason's charisma, I wouldn't have enjoyed the movie as much.

Overall, I felt the movie was meant more for people who just prefer to enjoy films for the sake of its visual artistry and Hellenic action scenes (Don't forget the gore! Don't forget the gore!). If you're the type of person, who appreciates rage, brutality, blood and gore, Conan the Barbarian is the film for you. But if you're into substance, drama and adventure, although it does provide some of those, better not get your hopes up.

I forgot to mention how scary Rose McGowan looked. I didn't realize it was her until a little later in the movie. To think I'd been telling myself, "Hmm, her voice really sounds familiar."
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friends with Benefits Movie

Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, the title says it all. They meet, become friends and end up enjoying casual sex with each other. There's a bluntness in their relationship which conservative couples seldom share-if not at all. It's true though. In life. we date with people and soon enough we allow them in our lives but we don't fully disclose our secrets immediately, especially regarding the more physical aspect of the relationship.

At first dates, we tend to look and act our best because attraction is a key to a budding relationship. It is funny how sex for the first time tend to be awkward especially when everybody has their own special quirk. Friends with Benefits went past that in the first minutes as they both immediately expressed what they disliked and liked during sex. If only life were an open book that a person can easily ask or request what they want to be done to cater one another's needs.

One of the scenes I consider smart and funny was when Mila asked why they never made a movie after the big kiss, Justin answers that it's called porn. As a whole, Friends with Benefits is funny and does not lack short of naked truths that apply to this ever changing reality (although we've seen these types of relationships all over Hollywood films nowadays). This was no "prince sweeping the princess off her feet" movie but the way the it ended was romantic in a sense.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember Me by Christopher Pike

Remember Me is one of Christopher Pike's part-detective, part-supernatural novels. It's about a teenage girl who tells her story while trying to solve the mystery of her death. Shari Ann Cooper starts as a ghost recalling the events leading to her demise. Her friends are her possible suspects. She observes each and everyone of them in their homes and through their dreams in phenomenal cosmic ways no living could possibly do (of course, she was a ghost so nothing is normal in this story).

I've read this story the second time around. I thought I haven't but the moment I was done reading the first chapter, I remembered immediately who killed her. What is a Christopher Pike book without a psycho for an antagonist?

What makes Remember Me special?

Aside from being written by my favorite author, the way the story turns out is original. At first, it may tend to be draggy that an amount effort should be exerted just to get through the interrogation section by the detective handling her case. But there's this build up towards the climax of the plot that you'd have second thoughts in putting the book down as details of Shari's past and identity uncovers. Even the reason why this book was written in the first person perspective is answered.

Christopher Pikes' vivid imagination, correlation of events and knack for putting mysteries in almost every single published book he wrote is a statement of how one's imagination can run wild yet come back with analogies that strongly hold the story's structure to its core.
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

100 Girls Movie

100 Girls, now somewhat considered an oldy, had spunk. This is what a not-so-ordinary-teen-movie should be. It had sex, humor and intelligible conversations that only an articulate writer could produce. The realizations between men and women were almost as true as it gets. And in the end, Jonathan Tucker gets his girl (all the girls, if I had a say in it).

There was a play of words that I don't hear often. The actors and actresses played distinct roles that no one and another is the same or boring for that matter. The virgin vault was filled with women of different walks of life: the hot, the slut, the lesbian and the unattractive. All of them eventually succumbing to the blunt sweetness and smart comprehension of the male protagonist.

It's not for everybody, that's for sure. But it does give solid real-world education of how teen emotions work and how it should be understood in a word for word description.

...We didn't lay down any rules... Maybe that was the problem. There were no rules between men and women and this lack of rules made girls and especially us guys like these Foosball players. We had giant steel stakes through our hearts and we're spinning out of control... there's no clearly defined rules between men and women and each side think they're playing fair and each side think they're being cheated. Maybe this is why men and women have the innate ability to bring up the poison in one another...
And in the end, an inspiring thought came to light through our protagonist's selective speech.

... I think part of the problem is feminist. There's just to many 'ist' in the world- feminist, chauvinist, capitalist, communist, racist, sexist. These are all groups that fight one another instead of trying to understand one another. I think the only 'ist' there should be is humanist...

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prom Movie

Disney's teen movie sparkle seems to have faded through out the decade. I had been wondering if the movie itself had been direct-to-dvd because of the not so many articles found in the web regarding it. It's cute and funny at times. There are certain characters and scenarios that may have been original but otherwise, it's the same old same old.

What happened to the likes of Princess Diaries or Lizzie McGuire? Disney has an abundance in talented young people to cast their movies but the problem is, they seem to have lacked the writers to think of plots and stories that extend the imagination to Walt-Knows-Where.

The racial variety of actors and actresses and the no longer mandated stereotype of a cast (which we've been seeing in old films as either super duper pretty, sexy or hot) is a breath of fresh air. I'm glad that in this films, youth are being taught that they no longer need genes to have that inner spark nor do they need to be defined by school's previously well-known hierarchy of popularity.

Overall, it's a good Saturday night movie. I won't prolong this review for possible acting geniuses to watch out for as they were, after all, picked by Disney. Finally, as for that person whose beauty still lingers in my mind (and I'm 100% pure female), this picture is the most natural and prettiest I found of her.

At the moment, I'm not sure of how old Danielle Campbell exactly is because I'm not that big of a fan but according to sources, she's about 15-17 years old. She seems to have a great career ahead of her and I wish her my sincerest luck. I just hope she doesn't put much make up on because she looks good the way she is in this picture.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Golden Barbarian by Iris Johansen

I'd say one of Johansen's finest. The book is set in Sedikhan and a number of villages, deserts in a nonfictional Balkan country, with sheiks, tents, divans and carobels (a pot used in a political horse race in the desert). And as some commentators have asked themselves, HOW DOES SHE WRITE THESE THINGS? Even I wonder the same thing. I could not put down the book and had to will myself to stop midway because it was 3am in the morning.

In a record time of two seating and probably less than 4 hours, I finished the book with a satisfaction- contented at the moment but yearning for the next Iris Johansen I may pick up from my sister's old box of pocket books. Unfortunately, I realized that that was the last of it. I'll have to buy one each week if I'm set out to finish all her historical romances.

Spoiler Alert

The story is about a Tamrovian princess (Tess) who met the sheik of Sedikhan at an early age of 12 while trying to save her dog who got stuck in a bog. The first line of the book being "She was going to die!" as she herself was also sinking. Luckily, her cousin (Sacha) and the sheik (Galen) was there to save her and at that point, they grew a certain connection. Tess found him fascinating for an adult while Galen admired her bluntness and worldly intelligence of how the society works. That night, Tess went to Galen's bedroom to ask for him to save her beloved dogs because her father was about to have them killed and she promised to repay him once she was capable of doing so.

After 6 years, she is picked up by her cousin from the ship sailing from the convent and was met once again by the magnificent sheik. Galen offered her a proposition that she marry him for his cause of unity in Sedikhan. He promised her freedom like no other man could give her, as long as she fulfill her side of the bargain. They marry and find themselves no longer just doing the deed for its duty but for the feelings that are welled up in them.

It's already obvious that they do end up together, but the internal turmoil and external conflicts unraveling while reading page after page was the icing in the cake. Tess is a strong, stubborn and impulsive woman- always feeling the need to protect all women and object to all rules pertaining to making women submissive to men. Galen is mysterious, persuasive and cool with a ferocity that comes out whenever his barbaric side calls it forth. Most of the time, Tess disobeys Galen but still feels he outwits her in most of their ordeals.

When I was 12, I recall a classmate of mine reading these types of books already. And I'd always thought it'd been difficult for her. But now that I've read it, it actually isn't so bad. The words are easy to digest and the romance between the main characters are unambiguous by the descriptions of their interactions between each other. With the exclusion of the passionate scenes, I'd definitely recommend this to my teenage niece.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Movie

With a US Box Office of 54 Million and a handful of good reviews, who wouldn't be tempted to watch the movie themselves.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which I shall now call Rise in this entire article) was one hell of a good movie. It's a cocktail bowl of sci-fi, action, and drama in one single film. It honestly made me remember Twilight when Caesar was climbing up the tree, The Patriot when he had rode the horse and signaled an attack, King Kong when the Gorilla leaped through the air and a whole lot of Jane Goodall series. And at the end of this roller coaster ride, you'll have to recall having doubts on where your allegiance lies. Are you for the apes or the humans?

At the moment, the intensity and greatness of the movie to me is still a confusion. I have no idea where to start. The cinematography was stunning. The way they took advantage of advanced performance capture technology used in Avatar and Lord of the Rings at its fullest deserve nothing less than an A-score. There were scenes that I imagined wouldn't have looked as effective as it did if they had not filmed it in the position they did, such as when the apes leaped through the neighborhood where the leaves were falling. The simplicity in the apes' gestures and sign language was as realistic as it got. I'm not a primatologist but it looked close enough to those I see in Nat Geo. And if there were illogical occurrences in such film, Rupert Wyatt and WETA Digital made sure that it would be unnoticeable by keeping the scenes breath-taking and emotionally captivating .

Jane Goodall, one of the world's famous primatologist, is known for her interactions with chimpanzees.

As for the non-primate interactions in Rise, John Lithgow as James Franco's father stirred emotions in me that made me struggle not to cry in various scenes of his frustrations and illness-ridden role. They all had chemistry and not the love type. Anger, fear, abandonment, loneliness, dominance, aggressiveness, camaraderie, leadership and kinship are only a part of the emotions depicted in the almost 120 minute show.

With Andy Serkis' Interview

Andy Serkis, the person behind Caesar's appearance, played his role with soulfulness and heart no holds barred. Another triumph for the pioneer in this technology with a portfolio including his portrayal or Gollum and King Kong. He's definitely someone I shall include in my TO WATCH OUT FOR list.

I'm definitely expecting a sequel on this movie. Especially when in the end of the film, there was still the bothering issue of nose bleeds somewhat depicting a Contagion or Outbreak possibility.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Windows Vista Hang/ Loop Start-up Screen Issue

Blogging late due to Windows Vista Hang @ Startup

I've had my laptop for 1 year and a half now and today, after realizing that the computer screen was frozen, I did what I usually do- a long press on the power button to reboot it.

And to add more to my disappointment, the damn thing didn't start up at all. But here I am now, grumbling and talking about it in my blog. So here were the steps I did that may or may not have helped in fixing it (It probably did help since I'm typing this now.)

So firstly, I left it for an hour to just to that annoying loopy screen as seen above.


DRAT, no luck. I shut it down again and decided to try again by PRESSING F8 TO LOAD THE WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER

PRESSED TAB TO SELECT WINDOWS MEMORY DIAGNOSTIC tool and ENTER. The screen below appeared and I waited for it to be done. After the laptop restarted, the loopy screen appeared again. I left it for 30 minutes this time again for any sign of life form before I shut down the lappy to try SAFE MODE this time (which I should've tried first)


Because although there was a great possibility that this was only an operating issue. Some symptoms such as a computer hanging or not being able to load into the OS for a very long time could be because of an about-to-be defective RAM.

It actually occured to me in one of the laptops I tried to fix that the computer was not properly copying files when I transferred them for back-up and sometimes would need to be repetitively booted before the desktop screen would finally appear.

I thought it was an OS system issue as I could still find the Hard Drive and the RAM detected in the BIOS and that reformatting and reinstalling the OS would fix it until I got stuck midway during the installation even after several attempts. Just to eventually realize that the issue wasn't the hard drive nor the OS, it was a defective RAM. We usually expect when it's a hardware problem, the PC don't usually boot or would sound a series of beeps or present a blue screen of death, so discovering that it had been a RAM issue was not what I expected.


After seeing the Asus Screen Start-up, I PRESSED F8 again which brought me back to the WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER. PRESSING F8 once again brought me to the ADVANCED WINDOWS MENU (bottom screen)

I SELECTED SAFE MODE and bore with the bottom screen for an hour before I finally decided to press the power button again. No luck. It was taking forever.

My phone camera sucks to death.


I decided to use the REPAIR DISK OPTION found in my VISTA installer but I had doubts as my DVD-ROM no longer read disks. Luckily for me, last month I had bought a SAMSUNG EXTERNAL USB SLIM DVD WRITER.

Not all computer or laptops are set to consider USB drives (or REMOVABLE DRIVES) in their boot options so I had to PRESS ESC TO ENTER SETUP (some laptop would require the F2/F10 button or the DEL button to be pressed but mine was escape to enter SETUP)

All hail the great 2MP ... No, 1.2MP phone camera...WITH FLASH!!!

In the BIOS screen, I tabbed my way to BOOT and under BOOT DEVICE PRIORITY selected REMOVABLE DRIVE as my primary boot, made sure I saved the changes and exited the BIOS SETUP.







CLICKED ON FINISH. After restarting, the loopy screen appeared again but only for 5 minutes or so. I was relieved that I was able to see my desktop again. The first restart made the explorer.exe hang again but the second one is fine as I am currently finishing up this blog.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beloved Scoundrel by Iris Johansen Book Review

From the title of it, this book sounded intriguing already. My sisters loved reading books by Iris Johansen and I have never expected to be a fan of hers. The torn blue book I found a week ago had been sitting in an old box for ages.

It's about a girl early in her teens found by a young duke during the invasion of her hometown. He offered her her young brother shelter and protection if she came with him. In her dire situation, she felt she had no choice but to give in to the strangely alluring duke's proposition.

She had him intrigued and at the same time, he needed something from her. He decided to take care of her and acquire what he needed from her when the time was right. Marianna ( the main female character) and Jordan's (the duke) love and hate relationship in this story unfolds their true desire for each other and their denial for one another's feelings.

I read the book chapter after chapter. I had actually known they'd end up happily together but the culmination of the story- how the series of events connected- was something I wanted to learn in detail.

Iris Johansen has a writer's magical pen. The words flowed like liquid chocolate, each sip from the cup a satisfying treat. Her descriptions of the stained glasses, the majestic castles, the rich environments and the colorful characters were clear and beatific.
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Sam Siciliano's Blood Feud Book

I love it when my desire for reading is invigorated. I just finished reading Sam Siciliano's Blood Feud. I bought this book at a book sale when I was in my early teenage years but did not have the aptitude to read it as I did now.

The story is about two ancient vampires who have grown to hate each other through the years that one will not rest until the other is dead.

Spoiler Alert

( I hope I was able to summarize it in a way that most details in the story are still kept a mystery.)

It starts when a boy named Alex is convinced by his lover, a vampire's assistant named Tracy, to kill a male vampire named Ruthven. And the story continues after the sister of Alex, Mary, saw Tracy again in her hometown after a long time since her brother had disappeared.

Mary discovers the truth about her brother's ex-lover with the help of Ruthven's hired private investigator. Later, a band composed of a priest, her brother's best friend, Mary and the PI set out to kill the vampiress, a Madame Rambouillet, who they believed was the source of all evil. As they reached her lair, their fate changes after realizing they had killed her decoy.

They set out once again, this time without the PI to kill Ruthven with a deal that they will be left unharmed. Eventually, after a long day of darkness and torture, the two vampires square off leaving Mary and her crew badly battered but alive.

There are some excerpts that make this book unforgettable. This is one of the two I liked.

"It's rather ironic. I was raised on stories about the devil and demons. As a child, they were very real to me, and when I was in the seminary, the devil was still treated as a theological doctrine. When he went out of fashion in the sixties, it was a relief. Human evil was powerful and inexplicable enough, and it was manifest all around us.The devil seemed a scapegoat, and obvious rationalization to justify our sinful natures. I was glad to be rid of the old horned fellow, but now..."
The reason I was drawn to the book in the first place was because of the poem written in French situated in the first pages entitled "Les Metamorphoses du Vampire" (aka "Metamorphosis of the Vampire") and Deullum (aka The Duel) in the book's Part 2 both written by Charles Baudelaire.

Blood Feud isn't as well written as books of the world-renowned Stephen King, Charlaine Harris or J.K. Rowling. There were instances I would be confused on line ownership and some lines were very long without a description of what actions transgressed during the conversation. Other sentences lacked pauses.

However, even with these pointed out, I won't deny Siciliano's description of the story's atmosphere, in it's vividness and darkness, was well thought of. I almost wanted to skip some parts to learn the ending. Each event boring down with a curiosity demanding to be satiated. His story,although lacking that writer's crafty play of words, was overall interesting and original.

If I were asked, if I would read more from this author, the answer is a definite yes.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

E-Cigarette: Detailed Information & Assessment

Previously, I've written about my mom's smoking habit and that I bought her an e-cigarette. A little awhile ago, I just went into her room to check if brought her e-cigarette with her, and she did (which is a good sign since I'd rather have her use it than the regular cigarette (or as now called analog cigarettes).

Instead of making this article the regular paragraphs I compose, I decided to make it somewhat of an FAQ.

Who invented e-cigarettes?

The inventor of e-cigarettes is Hon Lik of Beijing last 2003. He quit smoking after his father died of lung cancer and develoved e-cigar to deliver nicotine with a smoke free vapor.

How does the e-cigarette work?

A battery in the device heats a solution of nicotine in propylene glycol, producing a thick, odor-less vapor that can be inhaled to deliver nicotine directly to the lungs.

Picture Reference:Medical Mouse

There was this question about what happens if it runs out. There are disposable e-cigarettes and rechargeable ones. The disposable ones will be good for 200-300 puffs. While the rechargeable ones need to have the cartridges replaced after 200+ puffs (equivalent to 10 to 20 regular cigarettes) . Others buy the juice and pour 1 to 2 drops of their selected juice in the cartridge to use it again, instead of buying cartridges immediately.

The juices come in different flavors and also in various amounts of nicotine ranging from none to low to medium to high. A majority of the people using e-cigarettes have preferred the menthol flavor to start with.

If the led keeps on blinking after sucking from the e-cigarette, most likely, it needs to be recharged. The entire e-cigarette package usually come with a USB charger or a wall charger.

Is it like the real thing?

This was how the e-cigarette I bought my mom looked like.

At first it would feel odd to puff from something that feels like a cylindrical toy. But according to the person I bought my mom's e-cigarette from, after 2 to 3 days of using it consistently instead of the regular cigarette, he no longer looked for the real thing.

In my honest opinion, it didn't have the kick that cigarettes my mom used to smoke have, but the hand-to-mouth ritual and the feeling of inhaling from a cigarette exists.

Is it advisable for non-smokers who want to smoke to use e-cigarettes?

No. E-cigarettes have nicotine in it which is, in the first place, the cause of smoking addiction. Some critics have even charged that the delivery of nicotine to the lungs speeds its passage to the brain, enhancing the drugs addictive properties. Some are also concerned that e-cigarettes may serve as learning aids to promote smoking the actual thing.

It is good or bad?

Of course, anything involving smoking is bad. If you don't smoke, better not start at all.

With a diagram such as this, smokers don't exactly have a choice which they're better off with, do they? (uploaded by MINDLESS ONES )

E-Cigarette Advantages ( On a Smoker's and Smoker's Companion's Perspective)

BUT in a smokers standpoint, e-cigars are far better as it does not have tar and the toxic gasses emitted by an analog cigar. It has less chemicals than the regular cigarette definitely cutting down the health risks of smoking.

My mom has been smoking for 26 years and she has the 'smoker's cough'. After starting the use of her e-cigarette, I noticed that she doesn't cough at nights anymore. Previously, I noticed her not being able to sleep as well. She tells me it's her insomnia but I seriously doubt that when she's coughing all night.

Since I don't smoke, I don't know if she also experienced the 'smoker's phlegm' but I'm pretty sure that she feels a whole lot better now since I no longer hear her raspy coughing and repetitive throat clearing every night.

I am hoping soon that her sense of taste and smell will come back since I know for a fact that smoking deadens the taste buds and the receptors in the nasal epithelium. She used to cook wonderful meals for me but now, it's either too salty, too sweet or too bland.

According to Kalin Nacheff, his use of e-cigars as a substitute for the regular cigarettes gave him increased stamina and lung capacity. He also stopped wheezing and no longer felt tight in his chest (I truly hope I got Kalin's gender right.)

No need to puff an entire stick to take away the craving.

No need to be wary of burning the entire house, it doesn't burn the sheets.

No need to worry about second hand smoke as it was virtually eliminated in this invention. Of course, don't be so rude as to smoke in front of children or peers. There is no such study yet saying that e-cigarettes are 100% safe on that issue. On the other hand, for this particular concern, e-cigarettes are 100% better of an alternative as to regular cigarettes emitting Hydrogen cyanide, Carbon monoxide, Acrolein, Acetaldehyde, Acrylonitrile, Benzalphapyrene, Benzene and Cadmium.

Why is FDA saying e-cigars are bad?

FDA did not approve of e-cigars due to the cartridges of the ones they tested had the following findings:
  • All but one cartridge marked as having no nicotine actually contained the addictive substance.
  • Cartridges marked as having low, medium, or high amounts of nicotine actually had varying amounts of nicotine.
  • One of the cartridges contained a toxic antifreeze ingredient, diethylene glycol.
  • The devices emitted "tobacco-specific nitrosamines which are human carcinogens."
  • The devices emitted "tobacco-specific impurities suspected of being harmful to humans."
LinkREFERENCE: FDA: E-Cigarettes Bad, but Not Banned

A comment from one of the readers had stated,
The nitrosamines that were found were at levels so low they were almost undetectable. The levels found were below the excepted limit for a liter of water.
And for those concerned regarding Propylene glycol,
Propylene glycol makes up a good percentage of the nicotine solution and it is found in everything from toothpaste to personal lubricants to the makeup women apply to their faces. Some people have found that they do have allergies to pg, but that allergy is often present way before using the electronic cigarette.


There is still a lot of speculation regarding e-cigarette usage which will fill the years to come of standardization issues, quality check monitoring, scientific researches, health assessments and tax implementations. But for those who are determined to stop smoking and those smokers who prefer to prolong their life existence, the question lies, which of the two options will make you live longer?

I hope I was able to help you in your e-cigarette questions and dilemmas.

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E-Cigarette & Mom's Smoking Habit

My mom has been a smoker ever since I was still in her tummy and nowadays, no matter how much she denies it, her smoking had taken its toll on her. She coughs during nights and isn't able to sleep well because of this. Of course, she still denies it has anything to do with her smoking, but I know better. I've been with her longer than any of my brother and sisters.

This is some serious competition here. Her and her daughter's health versus this little box.

She told me that she'd started quitting but she's always said that and quitting was never an easy task- not with her 26 years of smoking. So I decided to buy her an E-cigarette to help her quit. I even bought her the limited edition type. Unfortunately. although I've seen her successfully warding off the temptations of "Hope" for a while, she has once again succumbed to it as I can smell that smoker's scent ebbing out of her body. I am very disappointed today but I suppose I can't just discuss about it else she would feel offended and deny my allegations of her smoking again.

Sorry my picture sucks. I don't have a decent camera at the moment.

I'm an asthmatic and any smell of cigarette smoke makes me cough and breathe uneasy. Even if she were to go outside just to get a couple of puffs and I'd be in the my room, I'd still smell it. I was happy when I got her the E-cigarette because the smoke was no longer affecting me. But then yesterday, I found out she has been smoking "Hope" again. And last night, she complained to me that the E-cigarette tasted bland. I almost wanted to explode and tell her, "Of course, it would be! You've been smoking the real thing again."

Later, I'll definitely be adding an article on the pros and cons of smoking an e-cigarette. Hopefully, for those deciding to use it to quit, my article will help.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Degree BURN First Aid

I had just finished cooking mashed potatoes with gravy and was about to try the fruits of my labor. Since I love gravy so much, I filled my cup with hot gravy to the brim. While I was about to come back to the computer to view some videos, I accidentally spilled the gravy around the back of my hand. Ouch!

Funny shape for a burn -.-

The pain was bearable at first that I was able to put my cup on top of the table before I muttered a curse or two. After washing the area with some cool water I patted it dry and took a picture of my first-degree burn. It was after a week later that I noticed there was still scarring between my index and middle finger.

This wasn't actually the first time my hand got burned. Last time, my mom gave me a plate straight from the fire. She did not notice anything until I was screaming in pain and my eyes were watery. This time I was a little prepared.

So here's my first aid for FIRST DEGREE BURNS:

1. First of all, cool the burn in running water. If you don't have running water, dip the burn in a tub or a bowl of cool clean water. It will temporarily alleviate the pain but once you remove the burned portion from the water, it will start to hurt again. Once you're ready to put burn ointment, don't forget to pat the area with a clean clothe.

Some say dilluted vinegar is also helpful but it will sting if the burn has an open wound

2. Never put any other ointment or oil unless it's aloe-vera or burn ointment. The first time I got burned, I used A+D (the one for skin rashes) and it just made the burning sensation worse.

3. Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the pain. Always follow the bottle's prescription. (Alaxan FR will also suffice).

4. Monitor the area for blisters.

5. Apply antibacterial cream such as Bactroban or Neosporin ointment on it to prevent infection. If a gauze pad is present, use it to cover the area.

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