Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Degree BURN First Aid

I had just finished cooking mashed potatoes with gravy and was about to try the fruits of my labor. Since I love gravy so much, I filled my cup with hot gravy to the brim. While I was about to come back to the computer to view some videos, I accidentally spilled the gravy around the back of my hand. Ouch!

Funny shape for a burn -.-

The pain was bearable at first that I was able to put my cup on top of the table before I muttered a curse or two. After washing the area with some cool water I patted it dry and took a picture of my first-degree burn. It was after a week later that I noticed there was still scarring between my index and middle finger.

This wasn't actually the first time my hand got burned. Last time, my mom gave me a plate straight from the fire. She did not notice anything until I was screaming in pain and my eyes were watery. This time I was a little prepared.

So here's my first aid for FIRST DEGREE BURNS:

1. First of all, cool the burn in running water. If you don't have running water, dip the burn in a tub or a bowl of cool clean water. It will temporarily alleviate the pain but once you remove the burned portion from the water, it will start to hurt again. Once you're ready to put burn ointment, don't forget to pat the area with a clean clothe.

Some say dilluted vinegar is also helpful but it will sting if the burn has an open wound

2. Never put any other ointment or oil unless it's aloe-vera or burn ointment. The first time I got burned, I used A+D (the one for skin rashes) and it just made the burning sensation worse.

3. Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the pain. Always follow the bottle's prescription. (Alaxan FR will also suffice).

4. Monitor the area for blisters.

5. Apply antibacterial cream such as Bactroban or Neosporin ointment on it to prevent infection. If a gauze pad is present, use it to cover the area.

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