Thursday, August 4, 2011

E-Cigarette & Mom's Smoking Habit

My mom has been a smoker ever since I was still in her tummy and nowadays, no matter how much she denies it, her smoking had taken its toll on her. She coughs during nights and isn't able to sleep well because of this. Of course, she still denies it has anything to do with her smoking, but I know better. I've been with her longer than any of my brother and sisters.

This is some serious competition here. Her and her daughter's health versus this little box.

She told me that she'd started quitting but she's always said that and quitting was never an easy task- not with her 26 years of smoking. So I decided to buy her an E-cigarette to help her quit. I even bought her the limited edition type. Unfortunately. although I've seen her successfully warding off the temptations of "Hope" for a while, she has once again succumbed to it as I can smell that smoker's scent ebbing out of her body. I am very disappointed today but I suppose I can't just discuss about it else she would feel offended and deny my allegations of her smoking again.

Sorry my picture sucks. I don't have a decent camera at the moment.

I'm an asthmatic and any smell of cigarette smoke makes me cough and breathe uneasy. Even if she were to go outside just to get a couple of puffs and I'd be in the my room, I'd still smell it. I was happy when I got her the E-cigarette because the smoke was no longer affecting me. But then yesterday, I found out she has been smoking "Hope" again. And last night, she complained to me that the E-cigarette tasted bland. I almost wanted to explode and tell her, "Of course, it would be! You've been smoking the real thing again."

Later, I'll definitely be adding an article on the pros and cons of smoking an e-cigarette. Hopefully, for those deciding to use it to quit, my article will help.

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