Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mutant by Peter Clement

I was a little surprised to buy a book for less than $1. It instantly took my attention with the words "medical thriller" all in caps on its cover page.I've been reading from some very good authors and I was curious as to Peter Clement's book titled "Mutant".

After three weeks of intermittently reading, I've finally finished it. Yes, dear friends, it took me three weeks because it hadn't been much of a page turner. Surprisingly, the fact that I'm making a post about it just means it's not that bad.

Compared to Robin Cook, Peter Clement made it a point to cram a whole lot of medical jargon in approximately 359 pages. Although accompanied by explanations, I still had a difficult time understanding some terms because I'm just a layman. Call me stupid, better yet call me SAS (for Short Attention Span). But if you're not into genetics and medical stuff, this is definitely not the book for you.

In Toxin, Robin Cook made it a point that his doctor protagonist was to be projected as any helpless person who could not fix his daughter's disease. Well, in Mutant, the hero and heroine were experts in their respected fields- making their discussion more alien to me. There had been a couple of times that I had to ask my beau what they were talking about. Picture me reading an entire paragraph to him while he was concentrating on something else.

Still, with all due respect to the author, the story showed a whole lot of dedication in explaining his ulterior purpose as to caution everyone of what may be going on in the scientific world we aren't aware of. I'm giving Mutant a 3 out of 5 because of the sometimes draggy atmospheric descriptions and too complex scientific explanations. And I also won't forget how the term "shit" has been used too often. Yet when there are cons, there are pros as well. It's a little surprising how a story like this can still have a detailed sex scene (I can recall 4 counts) and gruesome sceneries of plague and helplessness for those affected by the genetically modified Ebola.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Site Updates

After making use of Blogger for some time, I’ve decided to try WordPress as well. It’s driving me crazy not knowing the basic customization. I hope this is all worth it for the sake of being able to use Commentluv.

I’ve spent practically the entire day editing my posts to make it look simpler and better in WordPress. Since I have approximately 89 posts at the moment, I still have a long way to go.I’m hungry at the moment. See you at table. If you come, I’ll give you a slice of chocolate cake.

News Flash: I just went back begging to Google. Haha!

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