Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leslie's Restaurant at Tagaytay City, Philippines

Summer is ending and the rainy season has begun. There's still much to talk about though. I last posted about Tagaytay and the amazing view of Taal. Now, I'm back with Leslie's.

The view of Taal Volcano at Leslie's Restaurant was breathtaking.
In fact, a number of tourists have posed along the center to get a better picture with the Taal Volcano in the background.

Leslie's Restaurant in Tagaytay showcasing their Palawan branch.
When we got to Tagaytay, this was the restaurant we decided to eat at. The food.... it was scrumptious.

Extremely Crunchy!
If you're into pork and meaty orders, you should definitely try their Lechon Kawali and Bulalo.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was TO DIE FOR. The Bulalo's soup was rich in flavor and very tasty. We even asked for a second soup serving because it was that good. Heck, we took it home!

Veggies, anyone?
Okay, so I'm not a big fan of veggies when I can enjoy meaty goodness. This dish shouts classic Filipino.

Before I end this post, I'd like to mention that their shakes aren't the best. The Blended Iced Tea was extremely sweet and it's not a house blend (*cough* Nestea). My nieces joked that their Chocolate Shake tasted like Sustagen and it wasn't worth the 200+ php we paid it with. You're better off with ordering softdrinks.

Leslie's Restaurant at Tagaytay
Finally, once you're done enjoying a hearty meal, there are artfully landscaped areas to take those pictures with. Just be aware that you're full and those bulging bellies might noticeably show... or perhaps the chunk of cash you just paid for your meal will offset the balance. Meaning? It's definitely not a cheap restaurant to eat at.

Still, if you enjoy good food, then consider Leslie's. It' s definitely a great restaurant to eat at in Tagaytay.

Bottom line: GREAT TASTING FOOD,  PREMIUM VIEW, not so satisfactory shakes, pricey menu.

Leslie's Restaurant is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City.
Telephone No. (046) 483-4271.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Textile, Clothing and Accessories Shop: VC Trading at Farmer's Plaza, Cubao, Quezon City

VC Trading can be found at Farmer's Plaza. It's directly beside the Caritas Health Shield Clinic.

Here's my lucky find of the week... a shop of cloth, fabric, buttons, pins, needles, threads, crochet yarns, felt cloth and lots more.

Had we known VC Trading had this many colors to choose from, we wouldn't have needed to spend countless hours searching for it in malls. The price per half a yard is 60 php.
Back when my nieces had projects involving the use of felt clothes, we spent so much time looking for specific colors for their stuffed works.

I miss seeing textile shops with these many DMC Threads. I wasn't able to ask how much they were selling each thread for.
I also had problems trying to find a shop that sells cross stitch Aida cloth and other stuff. I was able to buy a yard of cross stitch cloth for 180 php. I forgot what the count was.... Maybe it was Count 11 or 14.

That's nowhere half the number of crochet yarn colors VC Trading at Farmer's Cubao is selling.
VC Trading has a wide selection of everything needed for textile works and projects- not to mention arts and crafts items rarely found in conventional shops.

From laces to ribbons to zippers... VC Trading is definitely my one stop shop... and I just dropped by there by accident.
So if you're looking for the place to buy textile merchandise and clothing accessories, VC Trading is a must-drop-by in Cubao. And no, I am not paid to do this post.

I don't think VC Trading's Facebook page and website are still available.
Farmer's Plaza Cubao is located beside Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

Here's a Google Map for Farmer's Plaza. If you're coming from Gateway, just cross the footbridge (or overpass) that connects the two together along Araneta Center.

Some uniform colors and more to choose from.
I was hoping to have cutesy pajamas sewn for me but their cotton clothing cost 150 per yard. It had vibrant colors and adorable animal designs.

I couldn't resist buying some of their bear patches (18 php- 20 php). I love having them sewn on my pants.
This reminds me of a time back when I was in college. I had been wearing one of my favorite pants for more than a decade. After having been used by my brother, it had giant holes that sewing them up was hopeless. So what I did was buy a lot of bear patches and have it sewn on my pants. LOL. It was funny how people would stare at me thinking I had this crazy fashion sense (or perhaps I did).
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