Friday, December 28, 2012

K-Pop Stuff in CNA at Malate, Manila

It was a Christmas day and my niece had not yet received her present. We wanted to surprise her by bringing her to a shop that sold K-Pop merchandise here in Manila. Fortunately, I was able to come across CNA's well-updated Facebook page after Googling the term "K-Pop stuff".

Aside from the Korean Pop merchandise and products CNA is selling, they also  have tons and tons of cutesy stuff such as fancy rings, earrings, bracelets, clips and scrunchies.
I didn't have as many pictures to show since I was prohibited in taking them so please bear with these. Of course, that would've been probably my fault because I didn't mention how I wanted to post about them in this blog. And it's not exactly a blog when I hardly take care of it, anyway.

My niece's reaction was priceless. She was in disbelief... but we weren't able to capture it because picture taking was prohibited.
Which brings me to my next concern. Yes, I understand that the owner is just cautious to not let anyone take pictures of his products, but for bloggers it's perfectly fine. Nonetheless, it's possible that someone could come in their store, pose herself/himself as a blogger, take pictures and actually copy their marketing strategy. And besides, one simply needs to visit their Facebook page (or any blogger's page that features them) to take a look at what they're selling.

See what I mean about the sucky pictures? Of course, a true k-pop fan would probably be able to identify the faces on those notebooks/sticky notes
And another thing, since normal people cannot take pictures in the store, CNA also misses out on the opportunity of Facebook micro-advertising through tagging, don't you think?

Just another one of my sucky camera pictures. But it is evident that  CNA has a lot of  K-pop stuff to choose from. They even had phone straps for couples starring Psy.
One more concern, my sister mentioned that there was this really really "scary" young sales lady who watched her like a hawk (which is perfectly understandable) sporting a not-so-friendly face and "radiating" bad vibes (I couldn't help but laugh when she mentioned the latter). My sister talked to her and gave her a nice smile and she didn't budge at all!

Feel free to click on the photo to view its original size.
Total damage... 3000+ php.
Lastly, the time we went there, they were offering free gift wrapping for purchases above 200 php. So my sister asked whether it were alright to have the three K-Pop albums (EXO, BAP and TVXQ- U-Know + Max) costing 630, 700, 990 respectively wrapped separately. At first, the cashier lady objected but my sister told her that if that were the case, she could pay for them separately since they were worth more than 200 php anyway. She eventually agreed to the request.

Fancy earrings from CNA located in Malate, Manila, Philippines
Bottom line: There's no question that CNA sells some of the best K-Pop merchandise here in the Philippines. They have the latest K-Pop albums, K-Pop merchandise, and K-Pop poster and stickers freebies available. The prices are also reasonably cheap and affordable (equivalent to online prices based in other countries). 

In addition to their K-Pop stuff, they also have a wide range of cute women accessories (fancy earrings, rings, necklaces, wigs, clamps, scrunchies and more)  that it's quite a surprise to find out that the owner is a young Korean businessman. Heck, we were lucky that they were open in the 24th and 25th of December.

However, I couldn't help share my experience with them. Somehow, I am also bothered by the way bloggers and normal customers are treated differently.

Drop by C.N.A. at the G/F Unit D University Tower, Malate, 1004 Manila, Philippines. They also have a branch at Farmers, Cubao.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Angry Birds Themed Birthday Party

So I decided to post this Angry Bird Themed Birthday Party which was held last June (or was it early July???). I helped my sister in preparing it for her son's 7th birthday. Let's start with the content of the Angry Bird gift bags which were distributed in the party.

Planning an Angry Birds Themed Party
  • Angry Birds Message Bracelet costing 10 php ea.
  • Angry Birds Snap Wrap which cost us about 50 php per 20 pcs.
  • Angry Birds "LED" finger rings with projector-like function at 20 php/pack. We placed each one in small plastic bags and made use of it as part of the "pabitin" prizes.
  • Angry Birds Keychain that were 50% discounted costing us 7.50 php/piece instead of its original 15 php price.
  • Lastly, Angry Birds Capsule Ballpen which cost 20 php ea.

As for the game prizes... these were the emcee's picks. The ones inside the carton bags are probably Angry Birds mugs.

And what's a party without a cake...

If my memory serves me right, my sister paid the caterer 7,000 php for this Angry Birds Cake.

As mentioned above, each gift bag contained an Angry Bird snap wrap and message bracelet. It also had candies selected by the party favors provider.
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