Friday, April 27, 2012

The Battle with Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC)

I wasn't the type who had issues with how the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Inc. (PPLIC) tricked their customers. Although for one, their agent had been dishonest with saying that for me to be able to pay the initial 11k by installment, I had to go to Banco De Oro (BDO) to discuss this with them. And that I did! Unfortunately, BDO told me that it were up to PPLIC to debit or credit it in installment basis. 

Before the 15 days were up, I went back to Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC) to express my dismay with this news. They even had me talk to their branch manager. For someone who values their customer's money, I was pretty much surprised when he mentioned that I would not have to worry about the finance charge as it won't be too high. Eventually, I decided to push through with it given the assurance from the manager that Banco De Oro's (BDO) finance charge and my total credit were easily payable. It turned out to be 300php- add that to the 3.2% interest they add to your credit card bill.

We were having financial issues so I decided to terminate my plan. My last payment was last January 15 and I decided to pay my February 15 due by March since they had a grace period of 30 days. But then, I also realized that I would not need to pay my February 15 due for me to be able to terminate my plan since according to my policy, I was still within the grace period.

I further confirmed this with the agent and she told me that this would be true. So, supposedly the prorated cash value of my total payment for my plan would be 10,276 php (out of the 35,595 php I had paid them). And I were to receive this within 30-45 days. This contract was signed last March 8, I went back there today- April 25.

Surprisingly, I was not shocked that they have not yet received the payout for my plan. The representative who helped me when I made my request told me that it wasn't there yet. So I asked them to provide me an exact time. They apologized and promised me that they would make sure to call the management based in Manila daily to expedite the process.

But this wasn't the worst yet. When they showed me the cash value I was to receive, it only amounted to 9453++. Apparently Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC) wasn't done with stealing their customer's money. They provided me a prorated cash value that had a premium terminated in March! And then, they decided to make February a mispayment and deduct 1,610 more from that cash value!
It was pretty frustrating because the representative I talked to assured me that if ever my plan were to be terminated and given a cash value, it won't go lower than 10,000. And now, she took that back saying that it would be more or less 10,270++ and could possibly go lower than 10k since I did stop during January and that was the estimated computation.

Fortunately, my partner was there to inform her that he also heard the same thing from her. I told her that she assured me that my plan was already terminated last January. But now I see their computation showing that they've decided to extend my plan til March without my consent charging me an extra 1,610 from their March prorated cash value. Seriously, you don't get any lower and greedier than this!

She kept telling us that the computation was from the main office and she couldn't do anything about it. So I told her to send me someone who can. Their supervisor talked to us but the underlying problem was we were assured by the representative that the February due will no longer be charged to us. Speaking of changing the issue, this supervisor even mentioned that supposedly, payments were to be done on the 7th. Well, that's her problem because my contract have specifically mentioned that my dues are to be paid on the 15th. So the manager sent the representative back.

She tried to convince us that the grace period was only for lapse payments but I distinctly recall that there was such a clause in their policy that a plan can be terminated as long as you are still within the grace period. 

And fortunately I had read all their policies a number of times so I was able to insist on my points. Moreover,my partner had been strict, diplomatic and calm enough to finally convince her that there was no budging us.

She went back into the office and came out a little later with a defeated look. She now assured us that we are to expect 10,000 from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC) next week before Friday.
Finally, the  Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC) battle, for us, has ended. I can't stop imagining the almost teary-eyed representative who probably got her salary deducted because of us.

Moral of the story: If you are a potential customer, stay away from those freebies. They are practically a pitfall with an extremely high price tag.

If you are working for PPLIC, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Don't simply rely on the company's higher management. It sucks and they will unreasonably charge every single plan holder as much as they could making their agents suffer the consequences. I bet they've even secretly paid for employee insurances so they can cash in with their employee deaths (just like Walmart).

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EDIT: Just an update of the check I received from PPLIC. So, I finally got my 10,000 php back but it was in the form of a check amounting to 9,453+  (or somewhere between the lines) and some coins and bills exacting to 10,000 pesos. I'm pretty sure the agent had to take some out of her pocket to pay me the 10,000 php she promised us.

10/23/13 UPDATE: I posted a new article on why consumers have to stay away from Philippine Prudential Life Inc. Co. PPLIC. Please visit it and take a look.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

An eventful day at Iloilo Mission Hospital

Last Thursday night, my mom was admitted in the hospital. She finally decided to have her wounds checked and medically cured because it had been 2 months ever since she'd been experiencing the crater-deep wounds that seemed to have been cursed with excruciating pain and endless anti-healing properties.

I was supposed to talk about how my day turned out however I have now completely forgotten what it was I'd been planning to share to pique your interest. I had some informative pictures I wanted to share, but those will be on a to-follow basis.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unknown Movie Review

If you think Liam Neeson's debonair appeal and deep voice is growing on you, Unknown is definitely a movie not to miss out on. Although some have said that seeing the trailer would be the most epic mistake you'd do before watching it, it wasn't actually a dead giver. I've seen the trailer and wasn't surprised it had more twists in the ending after watching the full-length of the movie.

Unknown is about a man claiming his identity was stolen after being in an accident that made him forget the most significant truth of who he was. Fortunately, he meets people in the way who believe in him, which leads him to discover an international disaster about to happen. Although I am aware that Mr. Neeson is not the type to accept roles of simple/comedic movie plots, I was still surprised on the unveiling of the conspiracy that was within.

With Neeson in a film, the leading ladies are quite a sight for sore eyes. They may not have the figure of the sexy Angelina Jolie, but what they lack in voluptuousness they make up in hard-to-forget beautiful faces.

Overall, Unknown was a good movie to watch. It may not be as heart-wrenching as Rise of the Planet of the Apes or as heroic as Captain America, but for those already into the cat-and-mouse chase and action thriller genre, Unknown is worth the ticket.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunset at Marikina

Where best to view the sunset but on top of one of the tallest houses in the neighborhood.

It is my pride and joy to declare that no DSLR camera was used in capturing this beautiful moment. My Samsung Galaxy Y pretty much did the job.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Witch by Christopher Pike

I've always been amazed by Christopher Pike's ability to spin a web of supernatural tails. Witch is one of his works I've picked up in a bookstore.

My overall impression of the story is that it's definitely not one of his page-turners. After finishing the latest book of The Last Vampire and 2 books of Remember Me, it was unavoidable to keep my expectation bar at a certain level. His teen novels starring female protagonists are one of my obsessions simply because they're always rendered in a way that they exude smartness and courage.

Julia Florence was a witch. She was a healer but like a troubled teen having the lack of emotional maturity, she ends getting back at someone for revenge which pretty much teaches her that the future she's been trying to avoid is inevitable.

In the last pages of the story, she realizes her purpose and does what she perceives is the right thing to do.

Unlike my other reading sessions, this book took a little longer to finish. Although I enjoyed the story line, there was something off on the way he'd written the character lines. Some had been too straightforward while others were just too... shallow which is contrary to what I've read in his other books. I probably got used to his old ones wherein they always had depth or an uncanny sense of agenda.

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