Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Witch by Christopher Pike

I've always been amazed by Christopher Pike's ability to spin a web of supernatural tails. Witch is one of his works I've picked up in a bookstore.

My overall impression of the story is that it's definitely not one of his page-turners. After finishing the latest book of The Last Vampire and 2 books of Remember Me, it was unavoidable to keep my expectation bar at a certain level. His teen novels starring female protagonists are one of my obsessions simply because they're always rendered in a way that they exude smartness and courage.

Julia Florence was a witch. She was a healer but like a troubled teen having the lack of emotional maturity, she ends getting back at someone for revenge which pretty much teaches her that the future she's been trying to avoid is inevitable.

In the last pages of the story, she realizes her purpose and does what she perceives is the right thing to do.

Unlike my other reading sessions, this book took a little longer to finish. Although I enjoyed the story line, there was something off on the way he'd written the character lines. Some had been too straightforward while others were just too... shallow which is contrary to what I've read in his other books. I probably got used to his old ones wherein they always had depth or an uncanny sense of agenda.

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