Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unknown Movie Review

If you think Liam Neeson's debonair appeal and deep voice is growing on you, Unknown is definitely a movie not to miss out on. Although some have said that seeing the trailer would be the most epic mistake you'd do before watching it, it wasn't actually a dead giver. I've seen the trailer and wasn't surprised it had more twists in the ending after watching the full-length of the movie.

Unknown is about a man claiming his identity was stolen after being in an accident that made him forget the most significant truth of who he was. Fortunately, he meets people in the way who believe in him, which leads him to discover an international disaster about to happen. Although I am aware that Mr. Neeson is not the type to accept roles of simple/comedic movie plots, I was still surprised on the unveiling of the conspiracy that was within.

With Neeson in a film, the leading ladies are quite a sight for sore eyes. They may not have the figure of the sexy Angelina Jolie, but what they lack in voluptuousness they make up in hard-to-forget beautiful faces.

Overall, Unknown was a good movie to watch. It may not be as heart-wrenching as Rise of the Planet of the Apes or as heroic as Captain America, but for those already into the cat-and-mouse chase and action thriller genre, Unknown is worth the ticket.

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