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I finally found time to create this page. I would just like to share some of my earning sites. I've also included the Paypal cashouts as proof. If you're interested in joining them, it would be a great deal if you make use of my referral link. Thanks.

POSTLOOP- One of the best Pay-to-Post forums out there. English is strict, but once you've passed the preliminary test ( wherein your English skill will be assessed automatically after creating your first 5 posts-or was it 10), then you can subscribe to forums and post there to earn.

Earn Money Posting in Forums

A number of my colleagues have already earned $5-$10 a day (others, more) on a regular basis. It's just a matter of being diligent and making reasonable posts. Simply posting "Nice Post!" or the likes are not allowed. Don't forget to read and respect the rules. Join Now.

Payment 1 from Postloop
Payment 2 from Postloop

GOMEZPEER- I can vouch for the site that it pays its promised cashout. This needs an installation of the program called the Gomez Peer. I highly recommend it for computers that are left on the entire night. According to my understanding, it makes use of your computer's resources to do computations. ESET doesn't mind it running. 

I've used it for two months now, and so far so good. Still, use it at your own risk.


Update on Gomezpeer... unfortunately, my account is now inactive. I am unsure why... maybe it's because there came a time that I was offline more often than online.

There are some other sites I'd also like to share. But for the moment, I'll be posting only the ones I've verified. Have a nice day.

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