Thursday, July 28, 2011

Legalizing Abortion: YES or NO?

So my boyfriend is a big fan of Thunderfoot because of his educated insights and justifications to his belief. To point out one thing, he is an atheist, which is a VERY VERY big deal to religious fanatics and fundamentalists. What's the point of explaining to a person when they themselves have no whatsoever intentions of listening? One of the comments read:
"Ray comfort has the answers before he has the questions, why bother man?"
In a part of this segment, they were discussing about abortion as being considered murder or killing a human- which is of course, a mortal sin according to the ten commandments.

My thoughts about legalizing abortion is, although I come from a strong family background of God-Fearing people, on a practical and realistic side, it not being a wrong. As much as I want to say "depending on the situation", I will just stick with my former statement. The problem is that some people just want a Yes or No answer. They ask IF questions but when you give them situations to present your point, they avoid answering or tell you that your question is ridiculous. Well, scientist used to think the world wasn't round, but now it is fact.I think it's absurd to require someone to reply with a single word for a complex issue. Why?

First of all, who in the world would want to put themselves in a life-risking situation just to kill for no significant reason. Legalizing abortion will mean more babies/fetuses will never see the light of day, is a cruel thought. But that's a person's opinion. Did that person have experience as a rape victim or someone close to them? Did that person experience the life of a pregnant mother who has eclampsia (or any life-threatening gynecological condition)? Did that person consider a family's impoverish state? If that person's opinion would say, that's a different situation, then he/she has no right to impose his or her opinion without basis because the world has a variety of societies and an abundance of complex situations that no single person or sect can fathom. And even if he/she has had these experiences, who are they to impose their will to the majority of the people.

The fact of the matter is, out-dated rules and laws may no longer apply to present situations. And the problem being, religious fanatics will impose these rules making them feel they have a right to judge someone or impose their own opinion.

I'm not an atheist but I'm not religious either. I strongly believe that everybody is entitled to their own experience based opinions. Fishing for the masses' say is not an assurance that it's right. Furthermore, should the masses' opinions weigh more than those who've had experience?

Doesn't the mother have a right to decide for her own body? As for religious fanatics, here is what I have to say to them. "If God gave us choices, why won't you allow people to decide for themselves and leave them be with their decisions. Who are you to impose your moral standing and religion based opinion?"

Abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality are still moral issues that are being debated. Galileo once defended heliocentrism as the Scripture passages had stated differently. He was even suspected of heresy. But now this theory is widely accepted.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

49 Days (Pure Love) Review: MUST SEE

You're as cold as ice if you won't cry in at least one of the scenes in this entire drama.

I just finished watching twenty episodes of 49 Days, also known as Pure Love, uploaded by UnknowCarrot in Youtube. I hope this doesn't get taken down because of some stupid DMCA.

Here's part one uploaded by P0cki3xL0v3. Some parts are viewable through UnknowCarrot.

There are alot of things I notice in Korean dramas that I love to point out.
  • The writers consider the cast to have common sense and a way of figuring out the truth by deduction not just some ill-fated discovery.
  • The twists in the stories are well-connected to the plot and not added just to prolong the entire series.
  • Most of the antagonists are actually good-hearted in the end by means of revelations and scenes that weren't shown during its first appearance in previous episodes.
  • The cast usually have good chemistry and aren't short on the looks department either.
JUST YUMMMMMYYYYY (LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung, Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung, Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho, Jung Il Woo as scheduler / Song Yi Soo, Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun, Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang)
  • When they create a story of fantasy, they hardly use CG. They stick to old school camera tricks which I applaud very much.
  • Heart jerking scenes are accompanied by heart jerking music. You gotta love it.
Most of the comments regarding this drama involve people crying, having clogged noses, unconcious tears streaming and most of all, not being able to stop watching 'til its last parts. I won't deny I've had my share of wet hankerchiefs and decongestant pills.

Just a tip, if you're watching it, try to avoid reading the comments until you're done because spoilers are inevitable.

Spoiler Alert

Trust a Korean drama to have their main characters not end up with anybody. I remember watching I am Legend. There were endless possibilities in the plot and I was curious who Kim Jeong-eun (Seol-i) would be with just to see in the end that there wasn't a definitive answer. I guess the reason why this is how Korean dramas are written is for the viewers to exercise their imagination and decide on their favored outcome.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

McDonald's Coke Glasses

Ronald McDonald and Jollibee by ~ViperXtreme. Sorry for murdering your DA, Viper.

I've always favored McDonald's over Jollibee mainly because of the cheese they use on their burgers. Aside from caffeine and sugar, cheese is also one my favorite "condiments". When my taste buds are lonely- cheese on pasta, cheese on cake, cheese on rice... coffee on cake, coffee in my cup with cold/ hot water, coffee blended with my frappe.

The reason why I started this article is because I used to dream of completing at least one McDonald's Happy Meals toy collection. There's a large difference in the toys manufactured for McDo and it's famous Filipino couterpart .

Recently, McDonald's is promoting the sale of the CocaCola "CAN" glasses which cost 25php for every combo meal the customer purchases and I couldn't help but get one for my self.

I bought not 1, not 2 but 3 pretty new glasses to be added to our glass collection which consist of generic looking ones handed down by my brother as the previous occupant of my mother's house and a Magnolia Fresh Milk Freebie Glass which has a sticker that turns dark green when exposed to cold temperature.

Unfortunately, according to Supersize Me host/ test subject, eating at McDo everyday for a whole month dramatically raises ones' proneness to diabetes and obesity related problems.

Moral of the story, there is no moral. Just don't eat too many unhealthy foods.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

HP Compaq NX8220 Hang Issue

One of our laptops haven't been functional for a month. It's an HP Compaq NX8220 which is prone to CPU problems. We've had it fixed 2 times already but right now, it seems to look hopeless. I'm not good in fixing laptops since I tend to disregard little details in disassembling things so this is my first time opening the little baby. I got me some coffee and a helping hand from my Wabibear.

It's current issue is that the LEDs blink once, the screen is black and the computer doesn't even beep. People are lucky enough if the first solution can fix it

Perform a hard reset

If a PC suddenly fails to boot properly, you should perform a hard reset as the first procedure.
  1. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards. You want to test the computer not the accessories!
  2. Disconnect the AC power adapter, remove the battery, and then press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds .
  3. Reconnect the AC power adapter (but do not connect the battery), Press the Power button,Look for glowing LEDs near caps lock and num lock keys, and Listen for sounds of a disk drive and fan turning.
To further read about these steps. I included the link for that:

HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshootig No LED Lights Glow During Startup or Boot

SECOND SOLUTION: Either you go to a professional (which I do for Laptop issues) or if you have ample experience in CPUs and Laptop disassembling, you might as well check this video.

Uploaded by MrAlbi31 on Mar 9, 2011

Uploaded by MrAlbi31 on Mar 14, 2011

Uploaded by MrAlbi31 on Mar 28, 2011

Uploaded by MrAlbi31 on Mar 28, 2011

A manual is good if you tend to go offline and prefer reading more about the laptop's specs but the best way to do it (especially for a novice) is to watch a how-to video while opening the laptop.

Here's a link on the HP Compaq NX8220 documentation (this includes the Disassembling, Specs, Removal Procedures): PDF MANUAL

Another useful link I've searched for had a table of blinking codes which may just help in figuring out what issue the laptop may have.

The good thing about previous HP support is they give sufficient details on what to do and how to fix the laptop. They even provide images in their website so that the customer could easily follow the instructions. Just go here:

HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting LED Blink Codes or Beep Codes During Startup or Boot

Unfortunately for me, I've done most of the troubleshooting steps I've researched about yet the laptop is still non-functional. It must be dying.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Process Explorer: A Novice's Tool when Desktop Hangs

Unlike Windows XP, Vista really annoys me with the (Not Responding) programs which most of the time, if you leave it be for awhile it's actually just to busy inserting its processes in all the Vista features that are practically useless.

I, for one, still prefer Classic mode because it is faster and uses less system resources than Aero. I'd rather choose Adjusting for optimum performance to maximize my computer's RAM usage, as well.

I'm sure most of you have experienced not being able to click any program in the Desktop Taskbar yet Alt+Tabbing and Mouse Functions seem to be fine. Going to the Task Manager seldom helps.

If you're a novice and experience issues like this, Process Explorer is a good program to start with. One of the main difference between the regular task manager and Process Explorer, which is crucial in resolving the Hanging Desktop/Explorer Issue, is :

in the Regular Task Manager: After ending the process EXPLORER.EXE, you have to re-run it by going to Start> Run> Type in explorer.exe or Start> Type explorer.exe (in the Start Search bar)> Enter

While in Process Explorer: All you need to do is look for explorer.exe, right-click it and select Restart.

The regular Task Manager is also prone to virus attacks and registry issues. Sometimes it becomes unaccessible making it a hassle to remove or stop unwanted programs.

The Process Explorer doesn't need installation and is small in size. It can replace/ restore the Task Manager anytime.

Process Explorer was made by Sysinternals. They have so many programs that are good for techy novices. Here's the link, if you're interested to give it a try. Remember, No single solution can apply to all computers. The only way to resolve an issue is to search, search and search.

Process Explorer
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girlfriend 101: Basketball Support

Most of us women are in a relationship with men having some affinity with sports. A large percentile of men do like watching or playing sports. So there's a large possibility that one day, you'll want (or be forced) to watch his game. It doesn't necessarily need to be the NBA play-offs but maybe one of his weeknight habits. Not all women share the interest men have in basketball, so here is a little guide of things to do to show your man some love and affection.

1. Watch his game intently (It doesn't matter if you're bored. Follow the freakin' ball! Think of it as your worst subject and if you pay attention to it, you get rewarded.)

2. Take note of his moves so you can comment him about it (Always remember to do the praise before the criticism such as Nice Pass, Nice Shot or Nice Jump. Maybe you need to work on your cardio so you can last longer/ You should practice doing _____, I bet you'll beat them easily if you do so.), You don't have to learn the complex jargon of the sport. You can describe the specific action you wanted to comment about or gesture it to him.

3. Notice how his team mates and the other players in the game move. If you see a cool looking action, remember it and tell him later about it. (As I've said all you need is an attention span and some patience.)

4. Try to sit near the referee or where the referee is in hearing range so you can track their scores and the fouls they make.

5. Don't be too concerned of the complex words they're using, save your energy to focus on the game.

6. If it's a weeknight game, expect to hear hollers and screams. So try to listen carefully whether they had said a compliment or an insult so you can relate to the group.

7. Don't be shy to ask him questions regarding the sport, it will further arm you with information next time and he'll even think it's sweet.

8. Clap your hands when you see people watching/playing the game clapping. (OPTIONAL)

9. Don't criticize his playing even if he's the worst player in the team. There is always room for improvement. And improvement is hastened with support.

10. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, be genuine. It is true that we are not interested in the game itself but we are in the person. Don't pretend you enjoyed the game, enjoy it for the person.

We don't have to give men roses or sweep them off their feet with romantic candle-lit dinners (unless you cooked the meal). Most men have single-tracked thoughts regarding their ideal mate: "You make me happy. I stay with you, love you, and provide for you."

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hito wo Narae ( Smash Hit Anime)

I just finished watching Smash Hit. It's about a teenage looking female producer who dreams of one day creating her own detective series. But before she could obtain her dream, she has to help create the Cosprayers, who at first she had been reluctant to produce. At first, her colleagues had mocked her for her size and kawaii looks. But eventually, they grew to respect her as she conquers more obstacles. It's an eight episode series having a satisfying ending. It's not much since there's no romance, and you can compare it more to a feel-good movie with its approximately 2 hours length.

Moral of the story, everyone's dream is entrusted to us and we constantly give them an outlook on how it'll end up. Nothing can be done alone. (as quoted from Kureme a.k.a Mr. Dracula).

During the entire series, a whole lot of underwear shots were taken and it somehow has a sense of light perversion on its theme. But nonetheless, it was good for killing time.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Flyer Moments

It was 2 am in the morning and I had to wake up to get ready for my a 5 am flight. I was definitely relieved that I wasn't flying on a Zest Air because I've had enough of the ears popping feeling you get when you have a cold. I'm not sure why, but I've always linked smaller planes with more rapid pressure changes.

So I was happy that my sister had selected Philippine Airlines. We were lucky to get cheaper seats compare to the two other major airlines. Prior to this week, we had went to Bohol and was supposed to board a Zest Air. But fortunately for us, my brother-in-law had told my sister to extend our stay and we were able to spend a longer vacation with her and her family- meaning more trips to good Chinese restos, more good home cooked meals and more comfort living.

The day of our departure has come. I had slept at about 12 in the morning that day and had to be ready by 2:45 am. Good thing, we arrived in the airport at 3:30 am. I had honestly thought that my sister had bought an Air PhilExpress ticket and asked her if this was there terminal. She was in partial disbelief and partial panic mode. And my mom, who probably hadn't gotten her good vibes yet, ordered me to look at the ticket and make sure. Ooops, my bad!

Continuing inside... since my box had a printer in it, I asked the ticketing lady in front if she could place fragile signs in it. She did, but she also asked me to place it near the steel railings. My mom stopped upon seeing her daughter carrying the box out from the conveyor belt and couldn't help looking at the box until we reach the boarding pass booth. I told my mom to stop worrying and that she had to have some faith on the airline lady. But she still kept looking at it, saying annoying complaints and getting annoyed by every second that had passed. By the time we reached the pre-departure area, she was in no mood to talk. I was saying to myself, I never want to go traveling with old people ever again.

But I was spared by my mom's bad mood as she found someone to talk to when we found our seats. And I was glad I would be able to grab some shut-eye later. I had forgotten how Philippine Airline's Airbus 320 had a little pop-out LCD to show you the do's and don'ts in the plane and here's something new: E-cigarettes are a big no during the trip.

The plane had taken-off and I was completely snuggled in my seat when one of the cabin crew said snacks were to be served through the intercom. And just like that, my eyes flew open and I sat straight. Of course, I wasn't expecting anything five-star, but I truly missed that in-flight free food (a Fudgee Bar and some Happy Peanuts with a choice of coffee or water). Accompanying the complimentary snack was a news paper you could read. So I was almost in jubilation. My mom had found a person to talk to and she was served coffee, lessening her threat level and I had food and a cute attendant serving me.

Thinking that'd be the best part of my trip, I wasn't prepared to what happened next. I went to the lavatory with a full bladder and saw a vacant sign on the door. I opened the door and to my dismay and shattered innocence, I was flashed with an old lady's naked booty as she was pressing the "Push-to-flush" button repetitively. I could've sworn that she had entered the lavatory on the right because it had the occupied sign. I immediately said sorry casually and closed the door. But apparently, this person had not noticed me because she was probably too coped up with her current condition. She was most likely was having an upset tummy. After she left, seeing me next in-line to her with my ignorant and blank facial expression, she walked back to her seat.

What made it more of an "oh-boy moment" was when I saw my rowmate. I was at the center aisle and she was at the window aisle on the other side. I had to discipline myself never to laugh our she might realize something was up.

The trip lasted for about 55 minutes without whatsoever delay. And I had to place alot of effort to have a composed face because my mom kept on covering her nose because of the foul odor that was emanating at the center. She had no idea where it came from but I knew who was responsible. Hahaha.

But on a seriously speaking side, as much as possible, if you're lactose intolerant, have flight jitters or have noticed that your tummy gets easily upset when drinking coffee or coffee with cream even not often. Please, I IMPLORE YOU, do not drink coffee/milk no matter how tempting it is before/during the flight. You won't kill anyone, just cause someone a bad in-flight experience.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"Optimist Mouse by John Su": I found this hilariously cute picture while browsing the web.

My definition of writers are the following : the talented ones, the blogging ones, the lazy ones and the grammatically incorrect ones. What kind of writer are you?

[ ] Some love to write yet they have a hard time picking out a topic.

[ ] Some have so many ideas that one day of blogging isn't enough to write all of them.

[/] Some have a specific idea to write about but are too lazy to begin writing it.

[ ] Some have the talent, and enjoys writing to earn their living.

[/] Some have no talent but still writes just to kill time or to express their thoughts.

I've placed a check mark on where I feel I belong.

I'm just bored and I ran out of ideas. Most of the time, I have topics I want to tackle but my laptop's position is either too far, too uncomfortable or too unattractive at that the moment making my bed a welcoming haven beckoning me to lie down on it and wallow around like a hippopotamus

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Banapple Fever

Before I plan to go back, I specifically asked my sister to treat me at Banapple. One of my all time favorite cafe here in Manila. I had hope to take some pictures of Banapple once again as my previous blog had shown but I was too busy picking alot of pasta and cheesecakes to bother.

A couple of years ago, I had read about Banapple from one of my nieces magazines, Total Girl, and like love at first sight, I immediately decided I had to go there.

One of their trademark pies in Banapple, the Banoffee pie which some bloggers have thought as a little too sweet and I somehow agree.

A little short on the finance department, here's a price list to prepare you for your visit. Although, I definitely advice you to bring a little extra because your eyes will twinkle and your mouth will definitely water (can't see the picture, click me to download its PDF form or press CTRL+ scroll your mouse to zoom in the photo-assuming you're using Chrome).

In my previous article, we went to its first branch- the one in Katipunan. Which I suggest you definitely have to visit the rest room because during this short trip, you'd automatically get a pastry tour. I'd also promised myself to scan the piece of paper with their menu and prices for convenience but have forgotten to update that article. I'm just glad, as I googled the Banapple, I was able to find their menu in PDF form. Of course I know some people are lazy to download the file so I uploaded their pictures.

Is the picture blurry as well? click me to download its PDF form or press CTRL+ scroll your mouse to zoom in the photo-assuming you're using Chrome).

Finally, don't forget to pick up some chicken pies to go once you're done. They're a must if you have a microwave oven at home.

Anyway for more information...

Banapple opens as early as 7:30 am and accepts delivery orders worth at least P500 (which I have yet to try.)

Here's a link to their website Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes.

I also linked my older article regarding these tiny haven for food lovers (Click on tiny haven).

P.S. it definitely has more pictures.

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Junk Food Dilemma

And for my first written article for this year, why are nuns still allowed to run schools? Alot may answer that children especially girls who've graduated from said schools usually become successful and as an added bonus, turn out to be prim and proper young ladies. And my answer would be, I supposed regular schools don't teach children such. I'm sure someone would interject that most schools run by nuns have etiquette lessons that regular schools don't teach. But in my experience, most of the schools wherein parents pay as much as they would in a run-by-nuns school DO teach table manners and proper etiquette.

If you want your children to attend more than 52 masses in a year, let her attend Sunday school or singles for Christ, it would definitely nurture them as much as they'd have in school.

And why do I have such a vendetta against schools run-by-nuns? Because sometimes, they have the most absurd rules and a tad sensationalized judgement.

The colored bra, even when hidden beneath the frilly blouse and geriatric-designed-fashion jumper, I can deal with. But others are too much.

Some of the stories I heard are about a child getting suspended for 5 WHOLE DAYS because of ACCIDENTALY hitting her classmate on the head (and when I say accidentally, it means unintentional, by chance, fortuitous, unplanned).

I've heard of teachers throwing children's stuff into garbage bags just because she decided to change the date of locker cleaning from Friday to Thurday (a week before she had said Friday and then just like that when Thurdays came, she told her students that she wanted all their lockers cleaned today so all of them had to find boxes or plastic bags to place their stuff in).

These are just the most recent ones, I've encountered. But one of the most absurd things which is contradictory to what they implement and promote in school is the Junk Food Project. Every year, my niece gets this project of being required to bring 30 big or 60 small junk food wrappers to be used for making bags. However, the food itself is banned in school. And for those who do not eat junk foods often, this is alot of hassle. My niece had to ask my sister to buy 18 large junk food wrappers just in order to submit a project in a school who does not encourage eating any. During which, she had also found her classmate in the same grocery store carrying a bag filled with the same thing.

As to my suggestion (which in the business world is a complete must if you want to complain about something), nuns should open up their thoughts to considering giving their students an optional assignment rather than be stuck with this junk food dilemma. On the bright side, I suppose my niece is pretty happy to have alot of junk foods readily available at the moment.

I have no personal hate against nuns. Some of them are kind, gentle and loving. But I believe that a well-balanced school is most essential to this ever changing world. Rules are rules but sometimes versatility and adjustments need to be made to cater the needs of the future generations.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally Back

I haven't written much. My sister says my English has worsened as well. Anyway since most of the time I don't have alot to say in my blogs, I've decided to probably write about the things I love most, watching a whole lot of anime and movies.

Thanks to my one and only dearest, who has influenced me to always watch the latest in cinemas. But this doesn't mean I won't be adding some old movies which I may have viewed as a kid.

After nearly a month vacation, my passion in writing has rekindled. And since I'm a big Thundercats fan, I also made a Thundercats blog.

So I'll see you tomorrow. And hopefully I can write something because I have lots to say yet most of the time, I feel a 24 hour day is never enough... of course, not to mention how lazy I am.
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