Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Process Explorer: A Novice's Tool when Desktop Hangs

Unlike Windows XP, Vista really annoys me with the (Not Responding) programs which most of the time, if you leave it be for awhile it's actually just to busy inserting its processes in all the Vista features that are practically useless.

I, for one, still prefer Classic mode because it is faster and uses less system resources than Aero. I'd rather choose Adjusting for optimum performance to maximize my computer's RAM usage, as well.

I'm sure most of you have experienced not being able to click any program in the Desktop Taskbar yet Alt+Tabbing and Mouse Functions seem to be fine. Going to the Task Manager seldom helps.

If you're a novice and experience issues like this, Process Explorer is a good program to start with. One of the main difference between the regular task manager and Process Explorer, which is crucial in resolving the Hanging Desktop/Explorer Issue, is :

in the Regular Task Manager: After ending the process EXPLORER.EXE, you have to re-run it by going to Start> Run> Type in explorer.exe or Start> Type explorer.exe (in the Start Search bar)> Enter

While in Process Explorer: All you need to do is look for explorer.exe, right-click it and select Restart.

The regular Task Manager is also prone to virus attacks and registry issues. Sometimes it becomes unaccessible making it a hassle to remove or stop unwanted programs.

The Process Explorer doesn't need installation and is small in size. It can replace/ restore the Task Manager anytime.

Process Explorer was made by Sysinternals. They have so many programs that are good for techy novices. Here's the link, if you're interested to give it a try. Remember, No single solution can apply to all computers. The only way to resolve an issue is to search, search and search.

Process Explorer

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