Wednesday, July 27, 2011

49 Days (Pure Love) Review: MUST SEE

You're as cold as ice if you won't cry in at least one of the scenes in this entire drama.

I just finished watching twenty episodes of 49 Days, also known as Pure Love, uploaded by UnknowCarrot in Youtube. I hope this doesn't get taken down because of some stupid DMCA.

Here's part one uploaded by P0cki3xL0v3. Some parts are viewable through UnknowCarrot.

There are alot of things I notice in Korean dramas that I love to point out.
  • The writers consider the cast to have common sense and a way of figuring out the truth by deduction not just some ill-fated discovery.
  • The twists in the stories are well-connected to the plot and not added just to prolong the entire series.
  • Most of the antagonists are actually good-hearted in the end by means of revelations and scenes that weren't shown during its first appearance in previous episodes.
  • The cast usually have good chemistry and aren't short on the looks department either.
JUST YUMMMMMYYYYY (LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung, Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung, Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho, Jung Il Woo as scheduler / Song Yi Soo, Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun, Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang)
  • When they create a story of fantasy, they hardly use CG. They stick to old school camera tricks which I applaud very much.
  • Heart jerking scenes are accompanied by heart jerking music. You gotta love it.
Most of the comments regarding this drama involve people crying, having clogged noses, unconcious tears streaming and most of all, not being able to stop watching 'til its last parts. I won't deny I've had my share of wet hankerchiefs and decongestant pills.

Just a tip, if you're watching it, try to avoid reading the comments until you're done because spoilers are inevitable.

Spoiler Alert

Trust a Korean drama to have their main characters not end up with anybody. I remember watching I am Legend. There were endless possibilities in the plot and I was curious who Kim Jeong-eun (Seol-i) would be with just to see in the end that there wasn't a definitive answer. I guess the reason why this is how Korean dramas are written is for the viewers to exercise their imagination and decide on their favored outcome.

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