Thursday, July 28, 2011

Legalizing Abortion: YES or NO?

So my boyfriend is a big fan of Thunderfoot because of his educated insights and justifications to his belief. To point out one thing, he is an atheist, which is a VERY VERY big deal to religious fanatics and fundamentalists. What's the point of explaining to a person when they themselves have no whatsoever intentions of listening? One of the comments read:
"Ray comfort has the answers before he has the questions, why bother man?"
In a part of this segment, they were discussing about abortion as being considered murder or killing a human- which is of course, a mortal sin according to the ten commandments.

My thoughts about legalizing abortion is, although I come from a strong family background of God-Fearing people, on a practical and realistic side, it not being a wrong. As much as I want to say "depending on the situation", I will just stick with my former statement. The problem is that some people just want a Yes or No answer. They ask IF questions but when you give them situations to present your point, they avoid answering or tell you that your question is ridiculous. Well, scientist used to think the world wasn't round, but now it is fact.I think it's absurd to require someone to reply with a single word for a complex issue. Why?

First of all, who in the world would want to put themselves in a life-risking situation just to kill for no significant reason. Legalizing abortion will mean more babies/fetuses will never see the light of day, is a cruel thought. But that's a person's opinion. Did that person have experience as a rape victim or someone close to them? Did that person experience the life of a pregnant mother who has eclampsia (or any life-threatening gynecological condition)? Did that person consider a family's impoverish state? If that person's opinion would say, that's a different situation, then he/she has no right to impose his or her opinion without basis because the world has a variety of societies and an abundance of complex situations that no single person or sect can fathom. And even if he/she has had these experiences, who are they to impose their will to the majority of the people.

The fact of the matter is, out-dated rules and laws may no longer apply to present situations. And the problem being, religious fanatics will impose these rules making them feel they have a right to judge someone or impose their own opinion.

I'm not an atheist but I'm not religious either. I strongly believe that everybody is entitled to their own experience based opinions. Fishing for the masses' say is not an assurance that it's right. Furthermore, should the masses' opinions weigh more than those who've had experience?

Doesn't the mother have a right to decide for her own body? As for religious fanatics, here is what I have to say to them. "If God gave us choices, why won't you allow people to decide for themselves and leave them be with their decisions. Who are you to impose your moral standing and religion based opinion?"

Abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality are still moral issues that are being debated. Galileo once defended heliocentrism as the Scripture passages had stated differently. He was even suspected of heresy. But now this theory is widely accepted.

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