Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Flyer Moments

It was 2 am in the morning and I had to wake up to get ready for my a 5 am flight. I was definitely relieved that I wasn't flying on a Zest Air because I've had enough of the ears popping feeling you get when you have a cold. I'm not sure why, but I've always linked smaller planes with more rapid pressure changes.

So I was happy that my sister had selected Philippine Airlines. We were lucky to get cheaper seats compare to the two other major airlines. Prior to this week, we had went to Bohol and was supposed to board a Zest Air. But fortunately for us, my brother-in-law had told my sister to extend our stay and we were able to spend a longer vacation with her and her family- meaning more trips to good Chinese restos, more good home cooked meals and more comfort living.

The day of our departure has come. I had slept at about 12 in the morning that day and had to be ready by 2:45 am. Good thing, we arrived in the airport at 3:30 am. I had honestly thought that my sister had bought an Air PhilExpress ticket and asked her if this was there terminal. She was in partial disbelief and partial panic mode. And my mom, who probably hadn't gotten her good vibes yet, ordered me to look at the ticket and make sure. Ooops, my bad!

Continuing inside... since my box had a printer in it, I asked the ticketing lady in front if she could place fragile signs in it. She did, but she also asked me to place it near the steel railings. My mom stopped upon seeing her daughter carrying the box out from the conveyor belt and couldn't help looking at the box until we reach the boarding pass booth. I told my mom to stop worrying and that she had to have some faith on the airline lady. But she still kept looking at it, saying annoying complaints and getting annoyed by every second that had passed. By the time we reached the pre-departure area, she was in no mood to talk. I was saying to myself, I never want to go traveling with old people ever again.

But I was spared by my mom's bad mood as she found someone to talk to when we found our seats. And I was glad I would be able to grab some shut-eye later. I had forgotten how Philippine Airline's Airbus 320 had a little pop-out LCD to show you the do's and don'ts in the plane and here's something new: E-cigarettes are a big no during the trip.

The plane had taken-off and I was completely snuggled in my seat when one of the cabin crew said snacks were to be served through the intercom. And just like that, my eyes flew open and I sat straight. Of course, I wasn't expecting anything five-star, but I truly missed that in-flight free food (a Fudgee Bar and some Happy Peanuts with a choice of coffee or water). Accompanying the complimentary snack was a news paper you could read. So I was almost in jubilation. My mom had found a person to talk to and she was served coffee, lessening her threat level and I had food and a cute attendant serving me.

Thinking that'd be the best part of my trip, I wasn't prepared to what happened next. I went to the lavatory with a full bladder and saw a vacant sign on the door. I opened the door and to my dismay and shattered innocence, I was flashed with an old lady's naked booty as she was pressing the "Push-to-flush" button repetitively. I could've sworn that she had entered the lavatory on the right because it had the occupied sign. I immediately said sorry casually and closed the door. But apparently, this person had not noticed me because she was probably too coped up with her current condition. She was most likely was having an upset tummy. After she left, seeing me next in-line to her with my ignorant and blank facial expression, she walked back to her seat.

What made it more of an "oh-boy moment" was when I saw my rowmate. I was at the center aisle and she was at the window aisle on the other side. I had to discipline myself never to laugh our she might realize something was up.

The trip lasted for about 55 minutes without whatsoever delay. And I had to place alot of effort to have a composed face because my mom kept on covering her nose because of the foul odor that was emanating at the center. She had no idea where it came from but I knew who was responsible. Hahaha.

But on a seriously speaking side, as much as possible, if you're lactose intolerant, have flight jitters or have noticed that your tummy gets easily upset when drinking coffee or coffee with cream even not often. Please, I IMPLORE YOU, do not drink coffee/milk no matter how tempting it is before/during the flight. You won't kill anyone, just cause someone a bad in-flight experience.

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