Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hito wo Narae ( Smash Hit Anime)

I just finished watching Smash Hit. It's about a teenage looking female producer who dreams of one day creating her own detective series. But before she could obtain her dream, she has to help create the Cosprayers, who at first she had been reluctant to produce. At first, her colleagues had mocked her for her size and kawaii looks. But eventually, they grew to respect her as she conquers more obstacles. It's an eight episode series having a satisfying ending. It's not much since there's no romance, and you can compare it more to a feel-good movie with its approximately 2 hours length.

Moral of the story, everyone's dream is entrusted to us and we constantly give them an outlook on how it'll end up. Nothing can be done alone. (as quoted from Kureme a.k.a Mr. Dracula).

During the entire series, a whole lot of underwear shots were taken and it somehow has a sense of light perversion on its theme. But nonetheless, it was good for killing time.

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