Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"Optimist Mouse by John Su": I found this hilariously cute picture while browsing the web.

My definition of writers are the following : the talented ones, the blogging ones, the lazy ones and the grammatically incorrect ones. What kind of writer are you?

[ ] Some love to write yet they have a hard time picking out a topic.

[ ] Some have so many ideas that one day of blogging isn't enough to write all of them.

[/] Some have a specific idea to write about but are too lazy to begin writing it.

[ ] Some have the talent, and enjoys writing to earn their living.

[/] Some have no talent but still writes just to kill time or to express their thoughts.

I've placed a check mark on where I feel I belong.

I'm just bored and I ran out of ideas. Most of the time, I have topics I want to tackle but my laptop's position is either too far, too uncomfortable or too unattractive at that the moment making my bed a welcoming haven beckoning me to lie down on it and wallow around like a hippopotamus


  1. The third fits me best. I know what I want to write, I'm just too lazy to write it :-(

  2. I share your aptitude, John. ^^


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