Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starbucks Coffee Southpoint, SM City Iloilo Review

I know, I'm the worst person for judging Starbucks Southpoint in SM City Iloilo. But this is still the worst Philippines Starbucks branch ever.

This is what "Dagdagan ng extra whip cream sa taas." means. Starbucks Southpoint will charge you an extra 20 php for something that's normally given for free.
If you've gone to other branches, particularly the ones in Ateneo, Marquinton, Eastwood, or even Gateway, you'd definitely understand what I mean.

Perhaps the top picture wasn't as clear on the amount of whip that their frappes could normally have. This is how Starbucks Frappe is served in Starbucks Marquinton in Blue Wave Marikina.
Even the fucking Starbucks Drive Through understands what "Dagdagan mo ng whip sa taas, ha!" means.

Just in case, someone decides to ask for proof that Starbucks Marquinton did not charge me additional for "Extra Whip on Top".
Sometimes, I can't help but question the Southpoint's staff's exposure in this kind of environment and quality service.

White Mocha, Dark Mocha, Choco Cream Chip, and Java Chip
If anybody's wondering why I'm not comparing Starbucks to local cafes, it's because Starbucks is known worldwide for consistent quality and excellent customer service. If people won't start demanding what is rightfully expected from a branch, that branch will end up with substandard performance and a crew that will continue to believe that their worst is good enough.

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