Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nokinoc: Dining Spot in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan

So, this is one of my Palawan Treasures segment. Situated in Palawan's center (beside Corazon Tourist Inn) is Noki Noc.

Noki Noc Savoury House
A Palawan staple whenever I'm at Puerto Princesa because the food is affordable, relatively cheap and good. 

When I say cheap, I mean fastfood cheap. The prices are fair in relation to its bountiful serving.

Chicken and Palabok combo for 99 pesos.
You get a quarter of a chicken (e.g. an entire leg), some atsara, and a cup of rice for 99php. Fried chicken combo with Palabok also cost 99php. Not bad, right? 

And--not that it matters--water is free.

Water's free...
Oh, just a word of caution while eating their liempo meal: get a knife. I had a hard time slicing through the piggy portion when I ordered it (along with baked mac).

If I remember correctly, this probably cost between 99 php to 129 php
Mmmm... Baked Mac.
If there's one thing I didn't like while eating at Noki Noc, it's the Chocolate Mousse (95 php). It was just too rich and too sweet for me. I could barely finish half the cup.

It's a little too sweet for my taste, but I'm sure couples and groups of three would be fine finishing this large cup of Chocolate Mousse.
This said, I wouldn't mind gorging up a dozen Silvanas (35 php) because they got it made just right.

My favorite Noki Noc dessert cost 35 pesos and is worth every penny!
Bottom Line

Noki Noc is definitely a nice and convenient place to eat at. Sure, it's no Kah Lui or Kinabuch's, but the wide viand selection should put the pickiest eater at ease. It's cheap. It's bountiful, and the food's not bad.
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