Saturday, September 28, 2013

Upgrading Lenovo IdeaPad K1 to CM10 v6.1 (Newbie Guide w/ Pictures)

Finally, a new addition to my Android Newbie Guide posts.
This is how the K1 will end up looking like once you've successfully installed CM10 v6.1 for Lenovo's K1
It has been a month since I have used my IdeaPad K1 because of the "Sleep of Death". It just went on and on and on twirling those colors on the Jellybean logo.

Since I didn't mind wiping it out again, I didn't do a back-up anymore. However, the process I used in upgrading the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 to CM10 v6.1 didn't wipe out my programs. I even retained my saved games.

What if my IdeaPad K1 has existing issues or problems?

My tablet was still experiencing the sleep of death after installing CM10 so I did the entire process again. However, I did a 'wipe data/factory reset' prior to upgrading.

Note: If you have important data, settings and game saves, make sure to do a back-up before doing this. Assuming you haven't installed CM10 for IdeaPad K1 yet, it's better safe than sorry.

Installing CyanogenMod on the Lenovo Android tablet was a lot easier than I anticipated. Although, it did take me two days to figure things out. I finally found the easiest way to install it based on my current set-up where my IdeaPad K1 had K1_JB_AOSP previously.

What's new with CM10 v6.1 (JB 4.1.2 JZO54K)?

According to the XDA Forum, here are its features:
  • Wifi+GPS
  • HD video/audio
  • External SD
  • Gyro
  • Camera front/back
  • Bluetooth
  • Google Now with voice, Chrome
  • Internal SD (fixed in v2)
  • Paid apps (fixed in v2)
  • Auto brightness, Wifi button in notification bar (fixed in v3)
  • Overclock (1.2, 1.4Ghz) (v5)
  • USB Storage - MTP only (v5)
  • Tun.ko VPN support (v5)
  • 3G (v5)Gapps Without Picasa
  • Rotate lock switch (v6)
  • Home button (v6)
The v2,v3... v5, v6 indicate when these new features or fixes were added in the CM10 for IdeaPad K1.

Note: I tried following the instructions in the forum for 'any other rom' installation. Alas, I spent a day epic-ly  failing at it.  Whether it was because I am using Windows 7 or my buggy USB port, I have no idea. The flash-win did not want to run even upon installing Android SDK.

Important Note: Before we go any further, please remember that modding your android tablet shall be at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if you damage or brick your IdeaPad tablet in the process.

What We Need...

1. A computer to download the images (zip files) listed below.

CWM Flashable image v6.1 for Wifi (md5: b46a0a5fbe2a20718574b4d2b8eba233)
-- My K1 doesn't have 3G (or a sim slot) so I chose the one for Wi-Fi.

-- Just choose between the two Gapps option.

2. A Working IdeaPad K1 with Play Store to download the Rom Manager
-- You can either click on the link or search it once you've opened your IdeaPad K1's Google App Store.

This is how Rom Manager would look like if it is installed correctly.
3. An external SD card to save the two zip files from item 1.

How to Upgrade Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Jellybean to CM10 v6.1

1. Download CWM Flashable image v6.1 for Wifi and Gapps with Picasa (or Gapps without Picasa) to your computer.

2. Save the two zip files (also called flashable images) into your microSD card. Place the microSD card into the IdeaPad K1's slot.
Note:  It doesn't matter if your SD card has content or if you saved the files in one specific folder. Just make sure you're able to access this folder.

You may also attach the K1's USB to copy these files to your microSD card while it is still in your IdeaPad.

3. Download Rom Manager from the Play Store.
Note: My Lenovo IdeaPad K1 is already running with Jellybean (rooted). I installed it using K1_JB_AOSP as mentioned in my previous guide. This means it already has Super User access which will be asked later.

4. Open the successfully installed Rom Manager and follow the steps.

To install a new rom, it says that it will need ClockworkMod Recovery.  Just press OK.
5. Select ClockworkMod Recovery under Install or Update Recovery.

Assuming you won't be shown the main screen of the Rom Manager yet, expect to be directed from the above image to this one.
6. It will ask you to choose the Android tablet model / phone model you are using.  Since the K1 isn't one of the choices, just select "Device Not Listed Above"

It will inform you that the IdeaPad K1 does not have an officially supported ClockworkMod Recovery.
Kindly ignore the arrow on this one. Just press YES!
Note: Truth be told, I had no idea what to press. I just decided to select 'Yes' and go for ClockworkMod 2.x when the Confirm Version message box popped out.

Upon selection, the bottom picture should appear. Bigger picture shows that my Rom Manager's currect recovery is ClockworkMod 2.x.x.x. 
6. Now that that's done, press 'Reboot into Recovery' and we're good to go!

Once you press Reboot into Recovery, it will ask you for a second time. Just press OK and Allow as indicated in these two screens.
7. Now that we're on Recovery Mode, we have to install the zip files we just saved in our microSD card.

Just follow the steps for both zip files. Use the Volume keys for up and down, Home key as 'enter', Power key as 'cancel' or 'escape'.
Step 1: Choose install zip from sdcard
Step 2: Choose zip from external sdcard (since we used a a microSD for our files). It's not advisable to save these files into your main memory as it might get corrupted while doing the process thereby bricking your tablet.
Step 3: Select the CM10 Flashable zip.
Step 4: Select Yes.

I videoed the entire installation process and it took less than a minute to be done with.
Step 5: Follow Step 1 and Step 2 (based on the picture above Step 1).
Step 6: When you get to Step 3, select Gapps.
Step 7: Scroll down again to "Yes- Install..."

Given that you'd successfully installed both zip files ( and gapps-jb-picasa...), you should have this screen.
8. It's time to reboot and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A successful installation will show the CyanogenMod logo followed by a message box saying "Android is upgrading..."

Your Android tablet may have looked like it had been rebooted for the first time but it will still have your wallpaper down to the apps you have installed.

Things I have noticed with CyanogenMod CM10 for Lenovo IdeaPad K1 at first glance:

a. WiFi signal indicator is back. No need to second guess whether you are connected or not.

b. My game saves have remained intact. I opened them and my Cut the Rope boxes still have 3 stars in them. City Island also has the same buildings built in them.

c.  I now have a "Terminal Emulator", DSP Manager and Apollo (I think) in my Apps Menu.
d. There are certain additions to the Settings such as a Launcher category under Interface where you can FINALLY change the number of Homescreens! 

There's also a whole lot of customization you can do with Lock Screen, Theme, System. and Profile. I have yet to tinker with Overclocking.

e. You can choose "No Wallpaper" now! I chose a Cyanogen one to honor the great brewer of ROM that is Krook1.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Philippine Attractions: Walk on the Wild Side Show at Ocean Adventure

The last show in our list of Animal Shows in Subic's Ocean Adventure Park. The Walk on the Wild Side showcases the forest animals in Ocean Adventure. They have birds of prey and different cats from the bear cat to the domestic rescued ones.

This cat was taught to wave at the audience. He was rescued, by the way.
This was the very first show we went to. It's also the earliest out of the four Ocean Adventure Park shows. The Walk on the Wild Side will begin with a tutorial on how to build a fire and make use of bamboos to substitute cookwares.

Here's a fruit bat crossing from one end of the branch to the other towards its trainer.
After which, trainers will feature trained forest animals including this Giant Fruit Bat, a White-Bellied Sea Eagle, a Palm Civet and a Reticulated Python.

Speaking of the snake.
A lucky person coming from the audience will take part in the show to hold that snake. I'm sure she had a blast when they had her touch the scaly creature. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind touching snakes. I've touched Bohol's famous longest python in captivity (Prony) twice.

Ah, the majestic eagle. This white-bellied sea eagle swooped down across the stage.
The Walk on the Wild Side Show can be seen at Eco Theater located at Ocean Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines. To view a road map on how to reach this park, you may refer to the Dolphin Friends Show post.

Ocean Adventure Park's Walk on the Wild Side show schedules are as follows:

10:15 am
12:30 pm
02:45 pm
03:30 pm

Finally, just a friendly reminder. Show schedules are subject to change without prior notice. 
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Subic Attractions: Dolphin Friends Show in Ocean Adventure Park

I'm finally trying to wrap up my Subic, Philippines Ocean Adventure Park attractions list. So basically, there are four different shows to check out during your visit. In no specific order, there's the Dolphin Friends Show, Walk on the Wild Side, Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show, and the Balancing Act.

Dolphins and Trainer putting up an amazing show for the audience.
I won't elaborate on the best order to watch these shows as long as you're one of the first audiences to arrive in each of them. This is so you can pick a nice spot.

That's some balancing act. It's like seeing a skateboard/ speedboat hybrid.
We watched the Dolphin Friends Show during noon time. It was stark bright on the cemented bleachers. The Canon Camera couldn't take decent pictures because we were sitting in the front most area where the heat of the sun was striking directly at our feet. LOL. By the end of the show, I felt dehyrdrated.

And after an amazing performance of both man and dolphins, you get to see Ocean Adventure Park's dolphins swimming into the sunset.
The Dolphin Friends Show is featured in the El Capitan Theater at Ocean Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines. To get there from Manila, you may follow this map of Ocean Adventure Park.

Ocean Adventure Park Dolphin Friends Show schedules are as follows:

11:30 am
02:30 pm
04:45 pm  

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Traveling Around the Philippines: Manila Domestic Airport

I've always disliked leaving Manila through the Manila Domestic Airport a.k.a NAIA Terminal 4.  It's not the best looking Philippine airport and I should shoot myself for being so shallow. Here's the thing... boarding a plane from the Manila Domestic Airport has its own perks. 

Before anything else, here is a list of airlines that uses NAIA Terminal 4.

1. Zestair - who has recently been suspended for "technical issues"
2. Tigerair - whose flights got 6 hours delayed last August 24, 2013
3. Seair
4. Others... probably.

Manila Domestic Airport / NAIA Terminal 4 Arrival Area
As I've said earlier, boarding at the Manila Domestic Airport has its own perks. For one, it has free Wi-Fi. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled phone, laptop or tablet, just scan for "itsmorefuninthephilippines" and connect to it. Make sure to sign-in via your web browser and click on "I Agree" to send those last minute emails. 

Note: If you can't connect to it, try inputting "" to activate the page that has the "I Agree" button on it.

At the departure waiting area, there's Goldilocks, Cinnabon and Seattle's Best. The comfort rooms are clean too (which is good). Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the said area.

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