Sunday, September 8, 2013

Subic Attractions: Dolphin Friends Show in Ocean Adventure Park

I'm finally trying to wrap up my Subic, Philippines Ocean Adventure Park attractions list. So basically, there are four different shows to check out during your visit. In no specific order, there's the Dolphin Friends Show, Walk on the Wild Side, Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show, and the Balancing Act.

Dolphins and Trainer putting up an amazing show for the audience.
I won't elaborate on the best order to watch these shows as long as you're one of the first audiences to arrive in each of them. This is so you can pick a nice spot.

That's some balancing act. It's like seeing a skateboard/ speedboat hybrid.
We watched the Dolphin Friends Show during noon time. It was stark bright on the cemented bleachers. The Canon Camera couldn't take decent pictures because we were sitting in the front most area where the heat of the sun was striking directly at our feet. LOL. By the end of the show, I felt dehyrdrated.

And after an amazing performance of both man and dolphins, you get to see Ocean Adventure Park's dolphins swimming into the sunset.
The Dolphin Friends Show is featured in the El Capitan Theater at Ocean Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines. To get there from Manila, you may follow this map of Ocean Adventure Park.

Ocean Adventure Park Dolphin Friends Show schedules are as follows:

11:30 am
02:30 pm
04:45 pm  

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