Monday, July 8, 2013

Balancing Act Show and Schedules in Ocean Adventure Park at Subic Bay, Philippines

As I've said previously, Ocean Adventure is one of the best places to go to. Along with the entire family, visitors can enjoy a day in the sun (or rain) watching their favorite sea animals doing tricks and educating them about sea life.

The Balancing Act Show in Ocean Adventure Park
Not only are the shows fun, but they're also educational. The trainers and performers are quite entertaining. Today's feature is the Balancing Act. This a short 15-minute show with jumping African acrobats whose physical capabilities in dancing, tumbling and well, balancing are nothing short of intense (in a good way).

Just love that "Let's Party" atmosphere with these African Acrobats group.
These African Acrobats are simply amazing. They're entertaining to watch and we had lots of laughs seeing them dance with their lean and limber bodies.

With fun and merriment comes the responsibility to be educated with the ways of the sea.
I can't remember who this "Kuya" is, but he certainly was memorable. The first costume he wore was a bottle cap of some unbranded soda/water bottle.

This is just one of the many stunts visitors will enjoy while watching the Balancing Act.
Th Balancing Act with African Acrobats is shown in the Sea Side Stadium.

Balancing Act park schedules are as follows:

11:45 am
01:15 pm
02:45 pm

*Note: These schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

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