Friday, July 19, 2013

Ocean Adventure Park Shows and Schedules: Sea Lion Marine Patrol

One of the best parts in going to Ocean Adventure Park is the variety of shows tourists can choose from. From the amazing African Acrobats on the Balancing Act to the talented Sea Lions in the Sea Lion Marine Patrol.
Just one of the many signs found in the background of the Sea Lion Point Stadium
Both children and adults will have a blast laughing at the adorable sea lions. The first act where Simba (the blind sea lion) announces to everyone the beginning of the show was hilarious and memorable.

Amazing how a blind sea lion can pinpoint where the microphone is... She literally slid her way to it.
Some parts of the show involved a guy competing with the other sea lion called Sophie for the "Olympics". He fell into the water and got a free t-shirt and pair of shorts for doing the silliest things.

This nice young lady got a wet, juicy kiss from Simba! You don't get any luckier than that.
Like all the shows, the Sea Lion Marine Patrol at Ocean Adventure Park in Subic, Philippines also promotes reduce, reuse, and recycle. The sea lions take part in encouraging the use of cloth bags as part of raising environmental awareness.

Note: Sorry about this next picture. I "over gamma-ed" it

This is Sophie. She was the official sea lion competitor in the Olympics. 
The Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show is held at the Sea Lion Point Stadium. There are 3 shows in a day. I suggest watching the show at about 12:30 because it will be terribly hot at the Dolphin Friends Show which usually start at 11 am.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show Schedules:

12:30 pm
03:30 pm
05:00 pm

 *Schedules may vary depending on Ocean Adventure Park's management.

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