Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank You

Thank you for making leaving me hurt.

Thank you for not listening.

Thank you for not feeling.

Thank you for not knowing something's wrong.

Thank you for making me realize I'm weak for relying on you.

Thank you for making me feel I'm stupid for trusting you.

Thank you for making me trust for believing you'd never hurt me this way anymore.

Thank you for making me feel purposeless for living my life not having you by my side.

Thank you for hurting me like I've never felt before.

Thank you for making me feel more of a failure than I used to.

Thank you for making me depend too much that I no longer feel I could stand on my own.

Thank you for never knowing...
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Ask When You Can't Take the Truth

Dear You,

Tonight, you asked me to talked about how I feel. And trusting you'd listen openly, I did.

Should I have known that you couldn't take or accept the fact, I shouldn't have told you at all.

I'm tired of telling people of half truths regarding my feelings. I just thought that you'd be that person who'd understand.

But, not much to my surprise, you're just like everybody else. You will never understand it because you feel I should be happy having you as my purpose.

The fact is, I can't accept the truth either. I was hoping someone would help me get through it.

You asking me what I felt, and running away from our conversation which hasn't ended, makes me even more miserable.

I just realized that even you, the person I love and trust most, cannot accept who I am and cannot accept the truth.

I should've just kept it on my own. It took alot of effort for me to tell you.

Now it hurts even more, that I don't have you by my side to comfort me.

I'm sorry if I hurt you for telling the truth. Now I just feel like an opened faucet without someone to close it.

Throbbing Head from Crying,

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