Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Ask When You Can't Take the Truth

Dear You,

Tonight, you asked me to talked about how I feel. And trusting you'd listen openly, I did.

Should I have known that you couldn't take or accept the fact, I shouldn't have told you at all.

I'm tired of telling people of half truths regarding my feelings. I just thought that you'd be that person who'd understand.

But, not much to my surprise, you're just like everybody else. You will never understand it because you feel I should be happy having you as my purpose.

The fact is, I can't accept the truth either. I was hoping someone would help me get through it.

You asking me what I felt, and running away from our conversation which hasn't ended, makes me even more miserable.

I just realized that even you, the person I love and trust most, cannot accept who I am and cannot accept the truth.

I should've just kept it on my own. It took alot of effort for me to tell you.

Now it hurts even more, that I don't have you by my side to comfort me.

I'm sorry if I hurt you for telling the truth. Now I just feel like an opened faucet without someone to close it.

Throbbing Head from Crying,


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