Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girlfriend 101: Basketball Support

Most of us women are in a relationship with men having some affinity with sports. A large percentile of men do like watching or playing sports. So there's a large possibility that one day, you'll want (or be forced) to watch his game. It doesn't necessarily need to be the NBA play-offs but maybe one of his weeknight habits. Not all women share the interest men have in basketball, so here is a little guide of things to do to show your man some love and affection.

1. Watch his game intently (It doesn't matter if you're bored. Follow the freakin' ball! Think of it as your worst subject and if you pay attention to it, you get rewarded.)

2. Take note of his moves so you can comment him about it (Always remember to do the praise before the criticism such as Nice Pass, Nice Shot or Nice Jump. Maybe you need to work on your cardio so you can last longer/ You should practice doing _____, I bet you'll beat them easily if you do so.), You don't have to learn the complex jargon of the sport. You can describe the specific action you wanted to comment about or gesture it to him.

3. Notice how his team mates and the other players in the game move. If you see a cool looking action, remember it and tell him later about it. (As I've said all you need is an attention span and some patience.)

4. Try to sit near the referee or where the referee is in hearing range so you can track their scores and the fouls they make.

5. Don't be too concerned of the complex words they're using, save your energy to focus on the game.

6. If it's a weeknight game, expect to hear hollers and screams. So try to listen carefully whether they had said a compliment or an insult so you can relate to the group.

7. Don't be shy to ask him questions regarding the sport, it will further arm you with information next time and he'll even think it's sweet.

8. Clap your hands when you see people watching/playing the game clapping. (OPTIONAL)

9. Don't criticize his playing even if he's the worst player in the team. There is always room for improvement. And improvement is hastened with support.

10. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, be genuine. It is true that we are not interested in the game itself but we are in the person. Don't pretend you enjoyed the game, enjoy it for the person.

We don't have to give men roses or sweep them off their feet with romantic candle-lit dinners (unless you cooked the meal). Most men have single-tracked thoughts regarding their ideal mate: "You make me happy. I stay with you, love you, and provide for you."

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