Saturday, July 9, 2011

Junk Food Dilemma

And for my first written article for this year, why are nuns still allowed to run schools? Alot may answer that children especially girls who've graduated from said schools usually become successful and as an added bonus, turn out to be prim and proper young ladies. And my answer would be, I supposed regular schools don't teach children such. I'm sure someone would interject that most schools run by nuns have etiquette lessons that regular schools don't teach. But in my experience, most of the schools wherein parents pay as much as they would in a run-by-nuns school DO teach table manners and proper etiquette.

If you want your children to attend more than 52 masses in a year, let her attend Sunday school or singles for Christ, it would definitely nurture them as much as they'd have in school.

And why do I have such a vendetta against schools run-by-nuns? Because sometimes, they have the most absurd rules and a tad sensationalized judgement.

The colored bra, even when hidden beneath the frilly blouse and geriatric-designed-fashion jumper, I can deal with. But others are too much.

Some of the stories I heard are about a child getting suspended for 5 WHOLE DAYS because of ACCIDENTALY hitting her classmate on the head (and when I say accidentally, it means unintentional, by chance, fortuitous, unplanned).

I've heard of teachers throwing children's stuff into garbage bags just because she decided to change the date of locker cleaning from Friday to Thurday (a week before she had said Friday and then just like that when Thurdays came, she told her students that she wanted all their lockers cleaned today so all of them had to find boxes or plastic bags to place their stuff in).

These are just the most recent ones, I've encountered. But one of the most absurd things which is contradictory to what they implement and promote in school is the Junk Food Project. Every year, my niece gets this project of being required to bring 30 big or 60 small junk food wrappers to be used for making bags. However, the food itself is banned in school. And for those who do not eat junk foods often, this is alot of hassle. My niece had to ask my sister to buy 18 large junk food wrappers just in order to submit a project in a school who does not encourage eating any. During which, she had also found her classmate in the same grocery store carrying a bag filled with the same thing.

As to my suggestion (which in the business world is a complete must if you want to complain about something), nuns should open up their thoughts to considering giving their students an optional assignment rather than be stuck with this junk food dilemma. On the bright side, I suppose my niece is pretty happy to have alot of junk foods readily available at the moment.

I have no personal hate against nuns. Some of them are kind, gentle and loving. But I believe that a well-balanced school is most essential to this ever changing world. Rules are rules but sometimes versatility and adjustments need to be made to cater the needs of the future generations.

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