Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Enchanted Kingdom Adventure at Laguna, Philippines

Enchanted Kingdom is one of the best sites to visit for entertainment purposes in the Philippines. Like any other theme park, our day was filled with multiple rides, a lot of laughter, enticing prizes from addictive fair games and more. 

The Regular Day Pass cost 500 Php. We were also lucky to have availed the 4+1 package which required the Mercury Suki Card.
Why was food not mentioned? Simply because we only went to Ice Monster and had cups of ice cream and shaved ice desserts for lunch.

Who would've thought we'd spend more than 1000+ Php on all those games. I badly wanted the big prize but alas, we had no whatsoever talent in winning them... except for my brother-in-law, that is.

Multiple games with prizes big and small are distributed throughout the park. They're pretty tempting to play. Some of the difficult ones have bigger prizes. At approximately 50 Php, one can get the chance to play ring tosses, ball pitches and even rope ladder climbing to take home the "XL" prize.

Call me, Chicken! But I'll take a rain check on this one.
The Enchanted Kingdom experience is never complete without the Space Shuttle. Of course, I wasn't the type who'd demand to ride it all, so I left this one for the kids to savor.

Still I'd be damned if I'd miss out on the Rio Grande Rapids. My niece was one of the unfortunate ones who came out extremely wet from wave after wave, some of which went over her head. I wasn't spared the humiliation of walking on squeaky wet shoes and "newly laundered jeans" either.

Unfortunately, they had to temporarily close the Anchor's Away ride during the show.
One of Enchanted Kingdom's performances during the afternoon was that of the story of Jesus as told by their guest narrator Miss Assunta de Rossi.

The Wheel of Fate at Dusk.
 At last, night time came with the Wheel of Fate lighting up. My niece particularly mentioned how unfair it was that the moment we disembarked the ride, the lights turned on and the wheel turned "pretty".

Serenade at the Courtyard in Victoria Park
 Here's our last stop, the Serenade at the Courtyard, featuring two wonderful voices.