Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saizen in AliMall Cubao

One of the things Filipinos are great at is finding shops with good finds at cheap prices. Saizen is a Japanese named shop where anything and everything you see is all at 85 Php. 

Saizen's Entrance in AliMall, Cubao, Quezon City, Manila
Although there's no assurance that their items are the cheapest there is of a specific product, Saizen saves us the burden of having to look at the price tag or having to ask a sales person how much an item costs.

I was trying to decide whether to choose the pink bunny or the brown bear for my dog. Brown Bear won my heart with it round cuteness.
They also have some dog toys but it's not a selection for someone who wants a large list to choose from.

A display solely for erasers.
I also took a picture of the cute erasers they had- for my niece. She really wanted the hamster looking one... Unfortunately, one pack also costs 85 Php which  makes it pretty obvious that Clipper was the better shop to choose from when it came to cute little trinkets.