Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Review

I have to admit, the Walking Dead Season 2 was a bit too slow for my taste... I suppose I have to blame it on reading all 94 comic episodes. Still, I'm glad they took the season 2's finale seriously. 

They probably should've killed Shane a little earlier- like on Season 1. He was such a pain and although it might've added to the drama, I just felt that he pestered me more than provoke my anger.

Yes, you better stop your yappin' everyone. Rick's turning hard-ass!
As for those who've been complaining that Rick should be more of a hard-ass, well, wish granted. Looks like on The Walking Dead Season 3, we'll be hearing a whole lot of his "no more democracy" attitude.

Remember the CDC doctor, Dr. Edwin Jenner? He whispered something to Rick which everyone was all wondering. This also indicated the end of The Walking Dead Season 1.

After all this time, he only had to blurt out three little words. We're all infected.
One of the characters I've been dying to see finally gets some airtime in the TWD Season 2 finale. She may have been introduced differently in the comics but I didn't care. What's important is Michon wields the samurai and has two armless zombies behind her back with shackles like dogs.

This is a world where sexy is defined by either being a sharpshooter or a samurai slasher.

It's a good thing they wouldn't need to pick up Herschel and his daughters anymore. At one point in the final episode, I absolutely thought he was going to be bitten. I was screaming in my mind, "Stop, nobody's going to teach them farming if he dies."

Can't wait 'til next fall. In the meantime, Game of Thrones is coming this April.

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