Saturday, August 13, 2011

100 Girls Movie

100 Girls, now somewhat considered an oldy, had spunk. This is what a not-so-ordinary-teen-movie should be. It had sex, humor and intelligible conversations that only an articulate writer could produce. The realizations between men and women were almost as true as it gets. And in the end, Jonathan Tucker gets his girl (all the girls, if I had a say in it).

There was a play of words that I don't hear often. The actors and actresses played distinct roles that no one and another is the same or boring for that matter. The virgin vault was filled with women of different walks of life: the hot, the slut, the lesbian and the unattractive. All of them eventually succumbing to the blunt sweetness and smart comprehension of the male protagonist.

It's not for everybody, that's for sure. But it does give solid real-world education of how teen emotions work and how it should be understood in a word for word description.

...We didn't lay down any rules... Maybe that was the problem. There were no rules between men and women and this lack of rules made girls and especially us guys like these Foosball players. We had giant steel stakes through our hearts and we're spinning out of control... there's no clearly defined rules between men and women and each side think they're playing fair and each side think they're being cheated. Maybe this is why men and women have the innate ability to bring up the poison in one another...
And in the end, an inspiring thought came to light through our protagonist's selective speech.

... I think part of the problem is feminist. There's just to many 'ist' in the world- feminist, chauvinist, capitalist, communist, racist, sexist. These are all groups that fight one another instead of trying to understand one another. I think the only 'ist' there should be is humanist...

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