Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prom Movie

Disney's teen movie sparkle seems to have faded through out the decade. I had been wondering if the movie itself had been direct-to-dvd because of the not so many articles found in the web regarding it. It's cute and funny at times. There are certain characters and scenarios that may have been original but otherwise, it's the same old same old.

What happened to the likes of Princess Diaries or Lizzie McGuire? Disney has an abundance in talented young people to cast their movies but the problem is, they seem to have lacked the writers to think of plots and stories that extend the imagination to Walt-Knows-Where.

The racial variety of actors and actresses and the no longer mandated stereotype of a cast (which we've been seeing in old films as either super duper pretty, sexy or hot) is a breath of fresh air. I'm glad that in this films, youth are being taught that they no longer need genes to have that inner spark nor do they need to be defined by school's previously well-known hierarchy of popularity.

Overall, it's a good Saturday night movie. I won't prolong this review for possible acting geniuses to watch out for as they were, after all, picked by Disney. Finally, as for that person whose beauty still lingers in my mind (and I'm 100% pure female), this picture is the most natural and prettiest I found of her.

At the moment, I'm not sure of how old Danielle Campbell exactly is because I'm not that big of a fan but according to sources, she's about 15-17 years old. She seems to have a great career ahead of her and I wish her my sincerest luck. I just hope she doesn't put much make up on because she looks good the way she is in this picture.

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