Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember Me by Christopher Pike

Remember Me is one of Christopher Pike's part-detective, part-supernatural novels. It's about a teenage girl who tells her story while trying to solve the mystery of her death. Shari Ann Cooper starts as a ghost recalling the events leading to her demise. Her friends are her possible suspects. She observes each and everyone of them in their homes and through their dreams in phenomenal cosmic ways no living could possibly do (of course, she was a ghost so nothing is normal in this story).

I've read this story the second time around. I thought I haven't but the moment I was done reading the first chapter, I remembered immediately who killed her. What is a Christopher Pike book without a psycho for an antagonist?

What makes Remember Me special?

Aside from being written by my favorite author, the way the story turns out is original. At first, it may tend to be draggy that an amount effort should be exerted just to get through the interrogation section by the detective handling her case. But there's this build up towards the climax of the plot that you'd have second thoughts in putting the book down as details of Shari's past and identity uncovers. Even the reason why this book was written in the first person perspective is answered.

Christopher Pikes' vivid imagination, correlation of events and knack for putting mysteries in almost every single published book he wrote is a statement of how one's imagination can run wild yet come back with analogies that strongly hold the story's structure to its core.

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  1. Oh, this sounds interesting.... but honestly I never tried to read any book that ghosts are the characters...I never explored my side on this, lol... scared hahaha.. :)

    thanks by the way for the drop :)


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