Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friends with Benefits Movie

Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, the title says it all. They meet, become friends and end up enjoying casual sex with each other. There's a bluntness in their relationship which conservative couples seldom share-if not at all. It's true though. In life. we date with people and soon enough we allow them in our lives but we don't fully disclose our secrets immediately, especially regarding the more physical aspect of the relationship.

At first dates, we tend to look and act our best because attraction is a key to a budding relationship. It is funny how sex for the first time tend to be awkward especially when everybody has their own special quirk. Friends with Benefits went past that in the first minutes as they both immediately expressed what they disliked and liked during sex. If only life were an open book that a person can easily ask or request what they want to be done to cater one another's needs.

One of the scenes I consider smart and funny was when Mila asked why they never made a movie after the big kiss, Justin answers that it's called porn. As a whole, Friends with Benefits is funny and does not lack short of naked truths that apply to this ever changing reality (although we've seen these types of relationships all over Hollywood films nowadays). This was no "prince sweeping the princess off her feet" movie but the way the it ended was romantic in a sense.

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