Monday, September 14, 2009

The Hunting Must Stop: Manga Books

A week ago we were at SM Marikina to hunt for a book my sister was dying to buy. Unfortunately to her dismay, it was out of stock. She was looking for Thirst 2 by Christopher Pike. It had gone "out-of-stock" during this time. We've actually read these books in the past (when they were still individually binded and not compiled 3 at a time), but it felt somewhat better to own one.

While I and my nieces were browsing through the 50% off priced books. We came to stumble upon tons of manga at 39.50 php only. I skimmed through them for good titles and was able to decide on purchasing Tokyopop: Confidential Confessions 4. I'm glad I did, it had good content in it. It's a series of stories about the some situations teenagers nowadays get into such as bullying, sexual compensation and even homosexual relationships (It was rated OT short for Older Teen due to its mature content.).

Due to my "life-changing" UBER wonderful experience in reading that manga, I couldn't resist finding the other volumes of the series. I searched through 3 more National Bookstores to find that particular manga but couldn't find any. During which, I found other great titles that I started to grab and pay for in the counter.

The fevered search did not stop here. Two days later, I once again went to search for more manga in other branches- bought one here, bought three there. It didn't matter that my feet were killing me or that there were instances that it got really cold due the air conditioning- not to mention the heavy pouring rain. I just had to get all the good ones (Didn't matter if it were only one volume per title).

Yesterday, I went to two more malls with three National Bookstores in them. I couldn't resist fishing out my wallet upon finding more manga titles which I had not found in the other 7 branches I went to. It felt like finding diamonds in a gold mine.

Doing the National Bookstore pseudo manga hoard wasn't enough for me to be contented. I had to buy one of the expensive ones in Book Sale to get the third volume of Dream Saga. It was four times more expensive than the regular 50% off ones I get from National Bookstore. But hey, at least I got what I wanted.

By the end of the day, I was limping due to the long walks from mall to mall. To top it off, there was this commotion in SM North Edsa that made it very crowded. Before we were able to reach the MRT, my boyfriend and I decided to do a detour at the taxi bay. For those who aren't aware of it yet, some taxis already have the pretty meter which gives out receipts.

Moral of this article: None. I guess I just wanted to remember the feeling when I used to go book hunting alone for 4 to 5 hours every weekend.

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