Friday, January 20, 2012

SOPA and PIPA Battle Numbers

So I was reading the latest news on SOPA and PIPA and have just found out that more members of the Senate have pulled out their the support for the said bill. At the moment, the current count is 33 YES, 37 NO, and 40 UNDECIDED.

There are some comments in the web suggesting that one of ideas on how these bills were formulated was based on the strategies done by the Chinese government to censor its media.

Approximately 160 sites have confirmed their attendance to the blackout this Wednesday.

According to, 75,000 sites are already participating on fight against SOPA.

On the contrary their are 354 companies officially supporting SOPA, but I wouldn't be surprised if this number will start to dwindle with more of the major SOPA players being hacked by a group who call themselves Anonymous. Their latest attacks took down the sites belonging to the Universal Music Group, DOJ, FBI, Sony, RIAA, MPAA and lastly the Warner Music Group.

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