Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Would you stop buying something if you knew the manufacturer was a devil worshiper?

Last night I had a talk with my partner's mom about life in general.

We came to discuss about her dishwashing soap. I recommended a dishwashing soap that belonged to Procter and Gamble. And since she was a very God fearing and God loving person, she's a strong advocate of not using their product because Procter and Gamble had mentioned in an interview that he was a devil worshipper. And if I buy their products, I am infact promoting their mission.

So I told her, this may be the case of the person who talked during the interview, but not on the newer generations that's running the company. She says that it is still promoting devil worship because that were the mission of the company.

So my question would be, if you work for Procter and Gamble, should you be judged as someone promoting their mission? I am applying the same question for people buying and using their products.

By the way as for the interview I was mentioning about, I still have no proof that it exists. Nor have I seen any news clippings of it.

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