Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Using Uload

Has anybody heard of Uload? It's one of those automated machines where you can purchase different prepaid loads from 5 of the most widely used networks.

It was getting too late and I have forgotten to reload my phone. Since there'd been one of them near a pharmacy close to the hospital, I decided to give it a try. I guess it was because I was no longer satisfied with curiously staring at it.

The interface was pretty simple. Coupled with a talking voice saying instructions in tagalog, the Philippines' universal language, it wasn't that difficult to learn how to navigate the touch-based contraption.

To cut things short, here are the pros and cons I've observed with the Uload.


1. Since it's fully automated, there's no need for human interface. The humans can 'go offline' and the machine would still be fully functional.

2. You'll be assured that you won't be overcharged due to proximity or time constraints. For example, loading at an unholy hour or a location near hospitals where the available places to purchase prepaid credits charge additional fees ranging from 5php to 30php.

3. You won't need to worry about human errors because if there'd be one, it probably would have been yours.

4. Before completing a transaction, a short review is shown on the screen to finalize your load request.

5. It accepts paper bills.

6. It has all the different promos available on the screen, an 'Iba pa' option appears if there are other services available.

7. Did I forget to mention that it's touchscreen? It's just like using a tablet or a touch phone.


1. No choice for English instructions. That's perfectly understandable since we're in the Philippines, but it would be better if it had such an option.

2. It would probably need a software upgrade or downgrade if new types of promos were to arise.

3. No change. You need to provide exact change because it won't give back any excess credit.

4. Power outage issues. I'm not sure how the Uload machine will react if you were accidentally inserting your money and the power goes out. I certainly hope it has UPS.

5. The possibility of dead pixels after daily wear and tear.

It's pretty obvious that the pros outweigh the cons,it's now simply a matter of whether the regular joe is willing to try it out.

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  1. Hi as i've read from other blogs, the machine have UPS so no worries if there's a sudden blackout. for the change issues, the change will be stored under you phone number for 120 days so you are not being ripped off. And for the upgrade/downgrade it have GPS and the updates could be done through that I believe.

  2. I suppose the machine needs internet to be able to operate, doesn't it?


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