Sunday, October 20, 2013

USB Device Not Found Solution with (Newbie Guide with Pics)

Picture this

-You've successfully downloaded a new custom rom for your android tablet. 

-You've got NVFlash and K1_JB_AOSP or CM9, CM10 and even CM10 v6.1. 

-You've successfully gotten your android device to APX mode which basically means pressing the Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for about 30 seconds more or less (as shown in the image below).

The IdeaPad K1 Android tablet in APX Mode.
Then, you attach it to the data cable where one end is on PC's your USB port. You click on flash-win.bat and nothing happens.

Clicking flash-win.bat to install new rom and no response.

-You take it up a notch and open the  "Command" or CMD window

-You see the message 'nvflash.exe' not recognized. You finally figured out that all you needed to do was make sure that your directory on the command window should coincide with where your nvflash.exe is (e.g. if you placed the custom rom's folder in C:\ then your command window should also show C:\(name of flash-win.bat folder)\>)

-You get it all right but are stuck with the dreaded "USB device not found" or "USB device not detected". 

What do you do? Scream and lash out!

Fortunately, there is a simpler solution to this problem. It's basically updating the APX drivers because, believe it or not, Windows 7 and even Windows XP will have the yellow triangle with exclamation point on APX as found in the Device Manager.

Brief Recap

1. Trying to install new rom in android tablet. No response after clicking flash-win.bat

2. Android tablet in APX mode is detected by PC (with bleep sound) but stuck with "USB device not found" when installing new rom.

3. Android tablet connects successfully when turned on, but isn't detected in APX.

4. Nvflash.exe is not recognized.

Note: Simple solution is to save android rom files in a single folder in drive C:\. When opening command window, type "cd .." (without clauses) until left with C:\> . Then type "cd (name of file folder)" to go directly to that directory. Example

C:\Users\Digitalbrew> cd ..
C:\Users> cd ..
C:\> cd K1Wifi_CM10_Flashable_v6.1

*Bold letters are what you're supposed to type.

5. NVflash.exe is NOW recognized. But new command window message after running flash-win.bat is 'USB device not found'.

6. Scream and lash out, frustrated with the world.

How to install missing APX drivers succesfully
Step 1: Download the APX drivers.

Step 2: Extract APX Driver files into your Desktop or C:\

Step 3: Put Android tablet (mine is an IdeaPad K1) on APX mode. Attach Android tablet cable to USB Port.

APX driver for Android custom rom installation.
Step 4: Device driver software was not successfully installed because it could not find APX drivers (not yet anyway).

Step 5: Click on Start. Right-click on Computer and go to Properties. Or go to Control Panel> System and Security> System then click on Device Manager. Locate "Other Devices" and Right-click on "APX". Select Update Driver Software...

Step 6. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

Step 7: Browse for the location where you saved it. I put it on Desktop (not my computer).

Halfway through installing the APX driver so your Android Tablet baby gets a Cyanogen Mod Rom.
Step 8: Install this driver software anyway.

NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for Mobile devices successfully installed!
Step 9: Scream and lash out, but this time with happier feelings as you won't have more USB issues on installing Clockwork, Khanning or Krook's ROMs anymore (unless your computer or your usb is busted).

Although you might still get stuck in Formatting partition 12...

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