Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unpatterned Cross Stitch

I had been working on a certain image for some time now (Because I wasn't the type who finishes projects immediately. It usually takes me a year or more to complete a cross stitch pattern, no matter how small it is.)

Anyway, a couple of years ago (when anime patterns were very limited and difficult to find), I decided to make my own. Of course, without the sophistication of any cross stitch assisting software or help from an expert.

Last night, I finally finished my first chibi anime pattern which I had painstakingly placed my effort upon since I had to decide the colors I had to use as well as refining each single detail of the shapes. Using paint to place a grid on the image made me realize that it was very hard to sculpt the curves in the picture.

This was supposed to be my birthday gift to Abi, my boyfriend, but he already left for the province.

Note: Abi, if you're checking my blog, hope you like your very very late present. Love need no pattern to be beautiful. Creativity at its fullest appears when boundaries are established without strict limitations.

Moral of the Blog: I know many of us love starting projects without finishing them. It's okay to take a rest from it once in awhile. It doesn't matter whether you finish it as soon as you've started it or not, just as long as you find time to complete them.

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