Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Very Memorable Date: Empty Movie House

I and Abi wanted to spend more time together so last week, we went to see Surrogates at Sta. Lucia East Mall and Pandorum in Blue Wave, Marikina two days later.

Note: Took these pictures from the flash animation of Sta. Lucia's website.

Both movie houses allow multiple seating. But if you really prefer having the perfect ambiance and sound system, you should try one of Sta. Lucia's cinemas. It's worth the 100- 140 php you'd pay for a movie.

Since Marquinton is recovering from the Ondoy flood, most of the ground floor stalls were closed. However, the third floor cinema was still open which is why we went there. It was way closer to home compared to Sta. Lucia.

Upon entering the cinema, I noticed that the lights were on. I assumed it was probably because the next show was in 10 minutes. Abi and I walked in to see an empty movie house (Well, not anymore, since we were around.). We even had to wait for the air conditioning to set in because since this morning, no one had watched a movie in the said house....

First time ever that we could freely decide where we were going to sit, stretch and feel comfy on where we chose to sit on, extend our extremities towards the other chairs , run up and down the stairs and make noisy comments while the movie was playing. And we did, except for the running part.

In the end, I really had fun screaming and making loud comments while the Pandorum was playing such as "Kuya, pakilakasan naman ang volume.", "NakaMUTE sya!", "Kuya, pakiPAUSE muna, magCCR lang ako."

I would've loved taking a picture of the empty house but cinema rule is law: No cameras or picture/video taking paraphernalia upon entering.

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