Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Love You but Goodbye…. For Now

Today, it’ll hurt like hell
I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep
It’ll eat through me like a disease
And no drug can make me feel at ease

I don’t think you understand
This predicament I have in hand
This life, I’ve tried to escape from
For you, I didn’t hesitate to come back to

I’ll cry at night because I can’t sleep
I’ll cry at night because I hurt too deep
But my grief, I swear, shall be short-lived
Because like my dependence, it will cease

I used to be cold, now I’m warm
I used to be a rock, but now I’m soft
You made me feel so complete
All our issues, we were able to single-handedly defeat

But now the harshness of life sets its toll
To survive, I’m once again required to be cold
See you someday, once all is well
To everything sweet, we have to say farewell

How much will a mute heart bear?
Once ice sets in, it will no longer beat
No love nor care nor tenderness for now
Not until we say our vows

Goodbye for now, my only love
It will no longer be like how it used to be
I’ll have to be strong until the end
So myself, without you, I can defend

I wrote this when I was a little depressed because of my current situation with my boyfriend.

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  1. thanks for the comments. I don't know what it means, neither does my boyfriend who's a pure bred. xie xie ni. (*^_^*)


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