Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Latte: Books and Coffee in a Cozy Little Nook

It had been months since I've first eyed this tiny nook in the corner of Robinsons Mall, Iloilo. It's not located inside the mall but rather outside where the bustling streets of the city are apparent. It's the type of shop people will barely notice.

Finally, I was able to find some time to visit Book Latte. It's a coffee shop with shelf after shelf of books- the ones avid readers love to talk about it book clubs. It was pretty obvious that this shop was created purposely out of love rather than profit.

Today's Special is conveniently situated on top of our comfy chairs. Their contact number and location is also written in the blackboard. Oh, did I forget to mention the UNLIMITED COFFEE at 65?
After scorching ourselves in the sun's blazing rays, it was refreshing to come into the air-conditioned establishment. The counter is up front which makes ordering a whole lot easier.

Kindly bear with my photos. They are the best I can come up with using the Samsung Galaxy Y.
I asked for their best-seller frappe. The person in front of the counter recommended Caramel Macchiato.

Served in a tall glass, Book Latte's Caramel Macchiato looked visually enticing. As for the price, I would've preferred it a tad cheaper than 95 php. Taste-wise, I have no concerns there. It was pretty good.
In case you decide to become a member of Book Latte, you'll be entitled to a 10% discount on their coffee and beverages.

Their annual membership rates are as follows:

STUDENTS: P180 / year

NON-STUDENTS: P220 / year

For their menu, we sampled their Hungarian Sausage with Hash Brown and Eggs Breakfast at 148 php.

Hungarian Sausage with Hash Brown and Eggs for breakfast, anyone?
So this wraps up my Book Latte experience. On a positive side, I've seen some Christopher Pike books that I haven't read yet which would probably be a good reason for me to visit them again. Their selection of books aren't as wide as a library but it could definitely be considered a nice hang out place in the city. 

For more information about Book Latte, kindly click this photo. They are open from Monday to Saturday at 9 am to 8 pm. You may contact Book Latte at 333-25-74.
As of now, I still do not find the need to be a member. However, I do think this shop is special as it is a first in Iloilo and should be visited by people who love books and coffee.

Please bear with these photos. I do not have a scanner at the moment and this was the best my camera could do.


  1. Hello! the Hungarian Sausage with Hash Brown and Eggs Breakfast just costs 148.00 =)

    Thanks for visiting Book latte and for posting this on your blog.

    God bless & more power! ;D

    1. Sorry about that! My bad. Duly noted and corrected. Thank you for stopping by.


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