Friday, June 22, 2012

Marymart Mall Iloilo

I have no idea what to say about Marymart Mall. It's been there ever since I've known how to surf the web. I recall the days when Concept was one of the sole providers of prepaid internet. I used to spend hours and hours staring at the CRT monitor using mIRC and surfing the web for 40php an hour (or as it 60php back then).

Marymart Mall Second Floor. This is where the newer Light Tops and Concept are located.
One of the places I kept coming back to was the food court. I recall the noon time band that used to play almost everyday. I still love eating at Merto's. Their leche flan and chocolate cake are one my favorite treats.

Ever wondered where the cellphone repair kiosks and shops went? Here they are clustered in the third floor, directly above Handyman.
I'm guessing the management had them transferred because it looked better when they stayed in a single area. This also meant that the garments being sold at the 3rd floor have a higher probability of being sold since more people are going there.

It's not the best camera but it will do in the mean time.

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