Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hungry Ninja, Iloilo

I know I've been putting this post off. I can't help but procrastinate in updating this blog especially since I've been a bit busy with the other one. 

Anyway, this is just a series of pictures I've taken from my visit at Hungry Ninja. Their food is good with prices affordable to students and yuppies alike. 

While waiting for your food, you can read the Hungry Ninja's story.
One of the things that makes Hungry Ninja stand out is their wall design. It's a story about a ninja who visited different countries to perfect a number of Asian recipes. Its vibrant colors and comical appeal can definitely catch one's attention.

If you're done with the story and the food still isn't there, then at least you've spent some of your waiting time productively.
I've been tinkering with Photoshop so kindly bear with it. The pictures weren't in superb form so I had to dabble with editing it to make them presentable.

Order #24 down the drain. Prices are on the receipt at the bottom.
And I was supposed to document my visit... I couldn't help it. I was too hungry to mind. Worry not, I definitely took a picture of my second serving.

Order #26. The Banana Fritters were good but my personal favorite is the Mango Float.
Here were the orders I've made. Feel free to check the prices and the corresponding pictures above..

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  1. I had tried Hungry Ninja's traditional Halo-halo dessert! Hungry Ninja serves tasty foods in very affordable prices.
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