Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gaisano City's Newly Renovated Bowling Center

Gaisano's been renovating the place so as to attract more customers. It's definitely about time.

The Bowling Center's Entrance in Gaisano City, Iloilo City
The newly renovated Bowling Center is clean and inviting. It is located in the back most portion of Gaisano City's cinema area.

Enjoy a 10-pin computerized bowling game at 60 php in Gaisano City's Bowling Center
What's so awesome about this bowling center is it's computerized. So if you have no idea how to score... or how to bowl for that matter, this is definitely the place to start learning. They are currently charging 60 php per game and 20 php for the shoe rental (or it might have been 40 php).

Grandpa's on a roll!
Here's an interesting old man bowling his way to 4 consecutive strikes while we were surveying the place.

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